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    razvanro WANTED $13

    I wrote this in the big thread but maybe you missed it, and seeing the latest video I think your mate Phil basically suggested what I suggested:

    If you want to try Rotten or any Hacksaw game I highly advise instead of buying the bonus, just activate the x5 the stake for extra chance at getting it naturally, I find it comes in a respectable amount and the results feel better than when you buy it. Now not all Hacksaw games have it but a lot do, including Rotten and Stormforged for example. It’s usually 5x the stake and you have a much better chance at getting the scatters, I’ve had runs where I hit like 4 bonuses in 100 spins. Of course it varies but I am sure this is what your buddy Phil meant as well.

    And you can activate Turbo/Super turbo so the Bonushunt spins go really fast. Note that the Bonushunt option(if available) is ALWAYS the one furthest to the LEFT when you click on Buy Bonus.

    But don’t put it on a much higher stake. $24 a spin isn’t worth it. The idea is to get the bonus cheaper than you would buying it in the first place. Use the same stakes you were using before. And SuperTurbo activated!


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