Any good slots I can play with 5p/10p bets?

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    Leen WANTED $1

    I’ve mainly been playing Dawn Of Egypt (best win £78 on 10p)
    Tomb of Akhenaten (best win £105 on 10p)
    I’ve also been playing Big Bass Bonanza, Lil Devil, Sword Of Khans, Viking Runecraft, Midas Golden Touch and Eye of Horus but not had any significant wins on any of them.
    My current method is going on each of these slots and giving them 50 spins each to try bonus which generally has worked quite well, leaving me up more than half the time I’d say. I like to start on the lowest amount possible like £10-£30 and try build my way up till I reach around £50 up, withdraw 50 then just play something on 20p and see if I can get up by more.

    My current total deposit amount is £1883 and my total withdrawals is £2272, making me up around £400 but has also provided me countless hours of entertainment.

    I’m wanting to branch out in to other games but the frustrating is that it doesn’t seem videoslots has a function to search slots by minimum bet.
    So I’m looking for suggestions on some preferably “easy” to bonus slots that have the 5p or 10p stake option. I know no slots are exactly “easy” to bonus but I have found that Dawn of Egypt, Eye Of Horus and Midas Golden Touch are what I would consider easy to bonus slots, even if they have their moments of never bonusing, they are fairly consistent.

    If you have had some good experiences of slots on low stake plays or know of anything, suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys.

    P.s Sorry for making this post super long winded lol

    Dynamik23 WANTED $82

    I think alot of the play and go games have a 10p stake. Some sites merkur lets you play 5p and 10p. Vampires and railroad on 5p I’ve had £50+ wins a few times. You could also reduce the lines on book of dead or rise of Merlin. I like playing book of dead on 1 line. Had a line of horsehead dog face a few times and I find you get fullscreens far more often when you get the bonus. Could just be a small sample size though. I remember I used to put it on 1p on 1 line when I was on the bus to work. Max I would lose is £2-3 but I had so many £10+ win from the bonus. If you are just playing for enjoyment and want to stretch your money out as long as possible then 1 line book of dead or rise of Merlin is actually kinda fun.

    thunderball6 WANTED $272

    Dead or alive 2 on 9p . Donuts 5p . If u feeling brave try steam tower and drive on 15p .

    Seyahkram1977 WANTED $676

    thunderball6 wrote:

    Dead or alive 2 on 9p . Donuts 5p . If u feeling brave try steam tower and drive on 15p .

    Big wins on doa 2 are still eye watering even in 9p…. probably where I’d go an a low low stake…

    Anonymous WANTED $110

    Dragon trouser vampire you can play on 5p they not bad

    puntzak WANTED $17

    Hit the purples on donuts  yesterday on 5 p , was a good win considering the stake.

    But i always play these stakes so …..

    Doa can also be great.

    Good luck.

    towels WANTED $3

    I’m a 10p player too (most of the time) just to pass the time and I’ve had some really nice hits starting small (at 10p) then moving up through the gears if you get a few 400x wins. Or just grinding out an hour or so and going to bed if not lol.

    Novomatics are my go to. They pay out the 100x+ wins way more often than most slots (due to them being assholes to bonus though lol but if you think about it easier to bonus slots/slots that are ‘kind in the base’ are all just taking away from the size of the average bonus – the RTP has to come from somewhere. I prefer the style where you get a bonus you mostly know you GOT a bonus and that’s a night that’s going somewhere vs you get the fake satisfaction of ‘stuff happening often’ but really the balance was just whittling away with no real shot of the ‘big potential’ the game has but can’t ever pay out because so much is dribbled out ‘being kind in the base’. Obviously other people prefer different things but for me 80%of my play is Novomatic) and they let you play the bonuses slow/enjoy your time/use the gamble features lol etc. Just had a lot more fun with those than most of the ‘newer style things’. And I’ll never play any 20p slots unless I hit a big win earlier in the night so it rules out a lot of the newer ones anyway.

    puntzak WANTED $17

    Would love to play novos ,but i`m from the netherlands so …. no go overhere.

    thunderball6 WANTED $272

    Razor shark is good on 10p .

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