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    davidw_1973 WANTED $1

    Hi Bandit

    Loving the content and me and the Mrs love watching them, but on the game golden scrolls, the wild only goes to a maximum multiplier of 6X. Don’t know what game you were playing to see a 10X but it’s not this game. will verify this for you in their game description menu.  Keep the wins going!

    gazzamc05 WANTED $1

    Hi Steve,


    Big fan. My wife and I watch all the time, have to agree with David though Slotmills overview confirms the max multiplier is most definitely 6x as it covers the amount of spaces available on a reel. Smaller multiplier of 3x for example will only cover 3 symbols and give you symbols on the other 3


    enjoying the content though keep it up


    Mark8685 WANTED $2

    Just checked Golden Scrolls and can also confirm it states a maximum multiplier of 6x.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)