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    Slotsquest WANTED $2

    Hello, i have been playing on Genesis Casino for the course of 3 weeks and made about 1000 euro in deposits. No withdrawals, and i play 40c stake average. Since i’m from the Netherlands i can only play NetEnt games there. I played pretty much daily, long and short session

    The NetEnt games act like BTG or Novo’s. Pretty much every game, no exception, goes 500-600 spins without a bonus easy. I’m not used to that from NetEnt games. Offcourse it can happen. But in the 3 weeks i have played there, this was more the rule then exception. When you do get a bonus, expect to be payed 12x. I haven’t really managed any big win there. And i have played a decent amount. Bad luck streak? Maybe, but i have gotten a really bad feeling about the way the slots seem to act. With disconnections etc.
    My experience is that you can pretty much tell, there is no bonus coming. There are alot of teases all the time, but the reels start doing some crazy shit, like they just get pushed in a certain direction. Or the scatter symbols disappear completely.

    Overall, the website is slow, Games have alot of lag, and conveniently give a error when you seem to be winning. When you get back to the game, the winning stops and they just rip you of your money. It not just happened 1 or 2 times. This seems to be a pattern. Coincidence? Maybe, but i don’t trust it at all.

    Blackjack. The dealers seems to be mocking you, they seem to be having alot of fun just looking at your bets. It’s not a friendly smile, it’s more like a grin. I have seen them pull 4-5 Blackjacks in a row, on several occasions, in several session. Coincidence? Maybe. But i got a bad feeling about it.

    Roulette. After you place your bet and the bets are accepted, the game crashes and is not available. I don’t see the spin. But my bet is lost. This happen more then 10 times and not once did i get a winning number. Since i didn’t see what number hits, there is no telling for me if this is fair game.

    I tried to withdraw once. But they leave the amount in a long time hoping you will reverse the withdrawal. Wich i did after 2 days. It was only a 60 euro withdrawal, the only one i got. When i reversed the withdrawal, the money got ‘lost in the system’. It took them 5 days to get the money back into my balance.

    I decided to play with that last 60 euro, 10c stake max. Trying to get some bonus. Result: about 1000 spins, 2 bonus games, 35x win.


    Now i might just have gotten a really bad run, but with the disconnections at moments i am winning, loosing when i come back, the roulette disconnects where my money is just gone, with no way for me to check if it went fair. I got a bad feeling about this website. I will not be playing there anymore. At first i tried to tell myself, your just having a bad day, but after about 10 of those bad days, and 10 more after that i’ve gotten pretty suspicious.

    If there are people here who have a different experience, i would love to hear.

    eejit101 WANTED $312

    Slots – not possible to fix them.


    Live casino – which provider did you play at. As it’s all central. The dealers don’t see bets, or which site your on, not possible again.


    Disconnection – that’s netent currently. They have issues with anyone on an older connection or proxied connection .


    As for the site..  I hate slow withdrawals. Aside from that it’s legitimate.

    Slotsquest WANTED $2

    Ye, fair enough,

    Still the amount of spins to get a bonus on these NetEnts last few weeks was insane. Like they where just non excistant

    I guess i just had a epic bad run, had to get it of my chest 😛

    Thanks for the response tho

    Kingofgames100 WANTED $1

    Anyone else have trouble with this casino. I joined at the start of December deposited a total of £300 But lucky for me I won £640 back. But the trouble started here. Took me about a month to get verified with them asking me to reupload my documents a couple of times but only getting back to me a week at a time. I final got verified on Thursday but my withdrawals are still pending today. When I ask them what’s taking so long they just tell me the withdrawal is waiting to be reviewed.

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