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    bawbag121 WANTED $1

    If you, in a tilted rage, after chasing a bonus for a thousand or so spins and when it hit got a few x in return, then went to Gamstop directly after still raging and muttering about cheating bar stewards, and set it for 5 years, and now 3.5 years later want to have a play before uk online slotting is totally destroyed.   Would Gamstop lift if asked..I regretted setting it a week after I did, I wasn’t problem gambling prior,  but accepted i had done a stupid thing in a rage, but the way its going online slotting in the uk will disappear soon (probably before my year and a half is up).

    I think I know the answer already, and all I can say is dont set Gamstop in a rage…it online action since.

    Xbobmad WANTED $716

    They won’t remove it until your 5 years are up, but you know that anyway. The good news is rather than blow your bank balance you can keep the money which is much better for you ????

    TJTom WANTED $15

    I did something similar a couple of months ago and I was annoyed for a week or so but I’m actually really happy I did it now. Just think how much money you have saved in 3 1/2 years and how much you would save over a lifetime. The slots are wank now anyway, hardly ever seem to pay out much these days. You’re not missing anything.

    Smokingbeagle WANTED $55

    Yeah I’m same boat but mine was online roulette which was my issue . However because I did gamstop I can do footy bets which is a fucking pisser . Even more so at moment because bookies are closed

    Deeplay WANTED $7

    Not a chance for any reason they would remove a person from the Gamstop register before the time is up. And even then there is a process which can take 2 to 3 days and even then some casinos wont ever take you back when they know you have been registered before on gamstop.

    I spoke to someone who works there for a project I was doing last year. They hear all kinds of excuses and get allot of abuse and threats from people desparate to have names removed. They suck it up basicially and will never relent. To the OP does not matter to them what reasons you give or why in the first place you requested to be added to gamstop. Hard fact is you requested it and thats it. Game over until your time is up.

    I also have heard that they are going to be making it harder in the future to be removed from the register – with a process that could take longer than a week or more. I have no evidence to support this at this time – but do not be surprised in the future if SOW amoungst other things are requested before they would look to remove a person.

    I used it for a year and it was great for me as I didnt wanna gamble during 2020. Im off it now and play at a few places now and then. But many casinos refused outrigt to reopen my account which is fine. I would not use it again unless I started to really feel it was an issue for me. Which this year it aint as I play much less now with the low RTPS no turbo spins ect and by October when they remove autoplay im done totally.

    But those currently on gamstop no matter if for 1 year or 5 you will have to do your time before you can start the sometimes very painful process of getting your name and personal details removed from gamstop.

    Jamezwww WANTED $11

    Best thing I ever did, it has completely changed my whole outlook on life

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