Gambling limits in Germany from 15.12.2020

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    Pawel_PJ123 WANTED $10

    right, I always thought that you guys are having it difficult with the UKGC constantly making it more difficult to play, but I have just received a newsletter from various casinos saying that, as of today, in Germany maximal stake/game will be limited to 1euro and that every spin will have to take at least 5 seconds 😀


    Thankfully I am not really gambling anymore, but I am still pissed cause now I can’t even if I wanted to- if something like that hits UK, then I guess it will be the end of Steve as we know him, unless he moves to Malta 😉

    Dynamik23 WANTED $82

    Seems excessive. Will ruin any experience. I would stop playing and most others would imo. 5 seconds a spin is more frustrating than the max bet. I’m not opposed to a max bet, albeit higher than £1 but 5 seconds to spin is a pisstake.

    Kelvie WANTED $45

    Red Tiger on some sites already have the 5 second spin, Its really annoying, It would stop a lot of people playing. It’s unnecessary!

    Anonymous WANTED $110

    not sure what is going on with all this limit maybe better just ban all online gambling

    Callan WANTED $3

    Just imagine how frustrating the grind on a game like bonanza would be. Last time i played it i went 1700 spins in almost 3 hours for a bonus. Gambling used to be a great way to fill 30 minutes or an hour. Now you will to have 3 meals prepared, the day off work and nothing else planned.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)