Gambling Addiction

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    English Savage WANTED $1

    Hi People, I just wanted to basically make a new topic.a but different, I’ve been gambling now for almost 10 years had my biggest ever win earlier this year just over £15,000, on a mixture of roulette and slots but ended up gambling just over half of it through absolutely being on such a high and not actually really thinking about what I was doing and not appreciating the value for money, ever since then my gambling got really bad, spending money I didn’t have which led to causing issues with my family which wasn’t pleasant. What I want from this post is for people to just be aware what damage gambling does and just to be really careful and don’t get carried away like I did. P.s Bandit you my dear sir need a medal my friend, been watching you for just over 1 year now and never missed a video, so glad your back on YouTube too. Fucking hell are you sure.

    Scatterpain WANTED $8

    Sorry to hear of the issues you have faced! I am sure most on here will appreciate where you have been. For me, I have never had any major issues, but I do find myself every now and then getting lost in gambling and not thinking of the impact it could have one day. Being on that “high” as you say, is more dangerous than being on a low while gambling, imo. You do not appreciate the actual monetary figure of it at the time, it’s just numbers on a screen and you feel in a rush to get more and more. It’s once you step back, think of the actual cold hard cash, that when it can hit home. So, setting a slower pace when gambling, is very important I think. It’s human nature to get carried away. Wish you all the best!

    Ramm WANTED $32

    Im careful and i never play with money id miss having but I can see how people can wind up in a bad state, If you’re feeling broke you get to daydreaming a big win will set the world to rights or you get bored one night and decide to play for the thrill. And then there’s being tilted, i could have banked £100 one night but because fishing frenzy paid me £1 on £1 stake bonus i got pissy and decided to stay for another and stuck a huge dent in my balance, we get daft sometimes.

    I think that being broke for ages has really help[ed me, i get a £20 win and im running for the gates.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)