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    Tricardo WANTED $12

    Hey all,

    I can’t really put my finger on what has happened with slots lately, but it feels like big wins are a thing of the past. Many of the games I’ve enjoyed playing seem to have died a death.

    A session today was no fun whatsoever so I reckon maybe its time to call it a day.

    DOND megaways – rejected all offers to win an 11 free spins bonus which yielded a total of 6x. A while later, I landed a mega bonus and turned down a 95x banker offer to take 15 free spins. That “won” me a total of 7x stake. Awesome! As an aside, I haven’t landed a Jackpot King attempt for months and I play them a lot.

    Steamtower – 3 bonuses. All failed to pass level 3 (best win 12x)

    Chaos Crew – 1 bonus after 380 spins which paid 11x.

    There were other bad slots and I feel utterly brutalised. And it has been a theme of all my sessions lately. Maybe I’m just persistently unlucky. Maybe its a theme for everyone…I don’t know. So I’m gonna attempt to give up all slotting for 100 days. It will be hard as I’ve had a dabble almost every day for years. I reckon 100 days is a fair amount of time to attempt – maybe I’ll not bother playing again if I make it.

    Wish me luck!

    Smoothoperator WANTED $34

    I’m having the same problem, money in for no fun whatsoever!! I think I’m gonna start playing with the crypto market for a while.
    If you would like a bit of fun or something different check out  Cool little game with cash and other prizes to be won, I’ve placed 2nd twice and 1st once (there’s only been 3 games). The owner of the game was on dragons den once, he’s called Andrew Reeves, nice fella.

    Seyahkram1977 WANTED $676

    Tricardo wrote:

    So I’m gonna attempt to give up all slotting for 100 days

    It’s not a bad thing to do anyway, clears the tastebuds

    This-is-4-real WANTED $18

    This is hunting me for olmost 7 monthes now

    i play every day on videoslots the last 2 years first year i had a provit of 2 k in december witche whas nice then slowly the downfal started last 7 monthes vant win a penny and i am down for 3.8k now evry slot i play turns in to a dissaster , i feel like they take advantige of the COJONA and just let the algorithems drop in there way.

    i realy feel i got scammed the last 7 monthes had real good chanses of a mega win but failed to get it ofer and ofer again.

    yea Videoslots when for me from hero to a total shit site and say never play videoslots they realy rip you of thats how i feel by now .

    GaryBannister60 WANTED $18

    Yes. I’ve been playing, and enjoying, online slots since the day they first appeared on the bookies’ sites. And do you know what? My Dad died this week after a magnificent life and when I got up this morning I had the urge to play. I actually did OK won a bit then did my normal thing of trying to win more and lost what I had won. It wasn’t much, but then and there I realised I was done. It’s a hugely expensive form of entertainment that also has the very real chance of luring you into addiction. I never thought I was addicted, but let’s face it, I was. Thinking about the new game constantly, thinking this was the game I could make a steady profit on. What cobblers. Even if I won the Jackpot King, I reckon I would lose the whole lot in a year. So there is no way of winning, so what’s the point. It’s not exactly THAT entertaining unless you win.

    So, pointless post, really, but i am done. Just excluded myself from Videoslots for 5 years and all the games parts of the other sites too. I know it will be hard but I am glad and I beg any of you who are struggling to do the same, now. You will never win, it will just cost you more and more and when you are on your deathbed, do you think you will look back and think – loved that hit on Jammin Jars? And if you do, you will have forgotten the next day when you lost it all, and more, on San Quentin cos you think you will win more.

    I love the Bandit’s videos though, his honesty on his losses are vital. And I know it’s all been discussed before about every spin being random and bla bla bla but in my opinion after 20+ years of play, the only reason someone like the Bandit wins £95k on Jammin and £25k on Lil Devil in one hit is simply because they’ve played so much, lost so much, and by the law of averages or whatever they will get some of those hits. I won’t, never will. So what’s the point? None. I probably played every day on slots for 20 years. £2 stake. My biggest ever win? £2,350 and that was about 15 years ago on a game I can’t even remember. I reckon I had no more than 10 wins of at least 500x in that ENTIRE time. And I played A LOT. I used to play at work, whole mornings usually. So that is millions and millions and millions of spins.

    Finally, I welcome all the government measures that may come in. Low stakes, good. No autos, good. Calm them down. And one day someone will rip through this industry and discover the RTP bullshit for what it really is. I hope it becomes the next PPI and I can get back everything I lost 🙂

    Bitter? Yes. Stupid? Yes. Happy to have banned myself at long long last? Yes.

    Get away from them before they consume you, please.



    GaryBannister60 WANTED $18

    And if ever you want confirmation that they really do care about stopping vulnerable, high-risk customers…I just went to close the Casino part of Coral permanently. And it came up – “Warning! Instead of closing your account, why not set a deposit limit instead?”. That is absolutely outrageous. If someone gets to that stage of the process, they don’t need one last attempt to pull them back. Am sending that screen grab to their management to force them to change it.



    PsychicSnail WANTED $111

    @GarryBanister Well done mate. You seem to have an almost evangelical zeal over giving up gambling. Of the very many types of these posts I’ve read over the past couple of years on various forums, I think yours is the most convincing. I am confident you will stay stopped. Best of luck 🙂

    GaryBannister60 WANTED $18

    Thanks @psychicsnail, I really do – with slots anyway. Still like the horses and I have never had any problems with those. As an update with Coral, 1 hour after I excluded from Casino I got the email stating that they were shutting my account in its entirety, including all their brands like Ladbrokes etc. as they decided I was showing irresponsible signs. You’ve got to laugh, they’ve taken my money for 30 years when I was always showing obvious signs like that, yet the second that I take action myself, they then decide to swoop in? As I pointed out to them, just hilarious.

    Anonymous WANTED $110

    GaryBannister60 wrote:

    I hope it becomes the next PPI and I can get back everything I lost

    lol PPI was like free money for everyone

    MaskWearer WANTED $42

    @garybannister60 – You’ve made the right decision and won’t regret it

    Slot machines are the same as comfort eating. The good feeling lasts only while you are stuffing your face with more treats than is good for you. The other 23 hours of the day you hate yourself for what you just did. Repeat for years you become a fat bastard with (mental) health problems and no self-control.

    Do the same with gambling and you’re a poor bastard with even worse health problems and a fatalistic outlook

    This is coming from someone who gambled on seaside amusements from the age of 10 and played most days or TRIED TO PLAY with begged and stolen money, from the age of 15 to 30+ (it used to be easy to gamble in the UK even underage)

    I wasted 15 years of my life on slot machines and if I added up the money spent, I could buy a house with no mortgage in London

    It can be really hard to give up. It’s no exaggeration that I signed up for every casino in this country and plenty of other non-UK countries. For a few years I actually got away with it and didn’t lose that much money. I would only deposit with a bonus and wagering, because I knew I wasn’t there to hit and run or make money, I’m there for a SESSION, possibly 10-16 hours straight, or longer. If I won £1 million on my first spin I’d spend the next 16 hours gambling. If I won nothing on my first spin, I’d still spend the next 16 hours gambling

    Then a terrible thing happened. I hit several wins of > 2000x including a full Gates of Hell 19 spin bonus (full retriggers) that went for > 10,000x. I even got Bonanza to pay me, a max megaways base game hit of 2000x that gave a bonus in the same spin that paid another 3000x. I got these games to pay me multiple times, full multiplying wilds on Danger, more than a dozen 1000x + hits on Bonanza. I was on £2 stakes and was up a fortune, tens of thousands of pounds. You don’t need me to tell you what happened next but I will anyway – I broke my rules and started playing without bonuses or limits, deposit after deposit after deposit. No winners. Gave it all back and I’m sure £50K on top. Never did I get the same hits or anything like it on any game, especially Bonanza. I’m convinced the honeymoon is real and they track your profit/loss on these games. It’s the only thing that makes sense to me, tinfoil hat or not.

    I haven’t gambled for a couple of years now and I feel so much better –  especially in my head and anger management more so than in my bank account. Money is important but it’s not as important as your health and the health of those around you. I never want to be a gambler like that again and honestly, anyone I see doing the same things I used to do repulses me like it’s almost an allergic reaction. How can we all be this stupid as to waste huge sums of money on a process that is mathematically guaranteed to drain us of everything we have?

    Respect to anyone who has properly stopped slots or gambling. I know it’s tough to break those habits and routine but you have a whole new life now – enjoy it :-))

    Smokingbeagle WANTED $55

    My issue is that I’ve banned myself on gamban for maximum 5 years due to that god damn devil wheel .

    however I always loved putting a few quid on footy bets each weekend .

    my issue is that the 3 sites that is sports betting only that I loved I can’t play on due to the gamban covering it all.

    sky bet, bet365 and qwiff

    I still have the bookies but due to lockdown there shut so I can’t really have a cheeky bet at the weekend at moment

    Gamban is great but wish it had filters you could put in place for casino games only not sports betting .

    only have to wait till April 2023 to activate again LOL


    Williever66 WANTED $4

    God!, wish I could get on casino sites, the arses keep kicking me out as they are so concerned for my wellbeing!!

    I keep explaining to them, I play a few days solid, twice a month and thats my style of play, but they go into panic mode if someone plays 2+ hrs these days!




























    GaryBannister60 WANTED $18

    @MaskWearer – thanks so much. You have written some of the best hit-the-nail-on-the-head stuff right here:

    “How can we all be this stupid as to waste huge sums of money on a process that is mathematically guaranteed to drain us of everything we have?”

    Fantastic. So true. I’ve actually found my self-imposed ban a bit easier than I thought. And I think it is because it finally sunk in I would never win. That even if it is true that they really are totally random, that there is no honeymoon, that Bandit-types are just luckier etc, it doesn’t matter. As you say, I could win £1m and then I would lose £1.1m.

    I can watch the brilliant Bandit and just enjoy and wish him luck and it feels great.

    Good luck mate. And you, reading this, who thinks they are getting sucked in….admit it to yourself and ban yourself right now. As Mask says, then there is a whole new life out there. One in colour and not the colour of stupid reels.



    robthemonk12 WANTED $15

    I stupidly found a casino I hadn’t timed out from and played Reactoonz 2, £4 stake. I hit the bloody double Garga feature! It paid utter shite. Fuck slots.

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