For steve…. “The bandit” ;) Your worth it

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    keykeythe1 WANTED $20

    This is a topic/post just for you mate, if you decide to lock it or not, your choice. so here goes.

    I’m sat here typing this, listening to your latest youtube upload……. we’ve met a few times, and had some great wild times together. 😉

    The reason for this post is, i get the feeling that because of the haters, doubters that constantly give you bullsh*t that you feel the need to clarify and explain in minute detail every time you have a gamble, and then start to up your stakes etc.

    From the outside looking in, and bearing in mind, me and you have met and had numerous weekends gambling together, your honest, a real person, down to earth, all in all a genuine bloke. “remember trying go to through the KFC drive through as a car?” when it was just 4 of us in seating positions….. pretending we was in a car?!! lol

    Please for the love of god, don’t change who you are, OR your gambling style at all just to fit the hater’s/ trolls.  I know your not that easily influenced, but when your getting that much stick all the time, is does take it’s toll, i know only too well from years back.


    All that matter’s is that your having fun, gambling for the correct reason’s, as we all know, plenty of cash to be earned from various source’s.

    Just keep being you. You recording your gambling sessions is for the viewers, and the majority enjoy them. but please remember you’re doing us a service, as when you don’t upload, us viewers are asking where your videos are. as they enjoy them. It’s you doing us the favour, by filming them and sharing them, and a big thank you.

    So you’ve got my number, if you fancy a reunion, we need to grab steelfix from somewhere, dom, mof, and a few others, for a reunion video. lol. Maybe a shotgun tour of las vegas? Now that would make a video.

    Just keep playing how you wanna play, stuff the hater’s.

    Over and out

    The Bandit WANTED $5,376
    El Bandito

    Vegas sounds about right and lmfao – what do you mean pretend to be a car, we WERE a car, made me lol remembering that one.

    Cheers for the post and yeah, i’l plod on with my hater helmet and shield in the battle positions haha

    Cornflake WANTED $2

    People will always give shit, through jealousy, envy or just plain arrogance.

    Guarentee they’re better off, enjoying your vids rather than spending their own cash though ??

    Keykeythe1 is spot on, just do you

    Mr B WANTED $395

    We did that, they refused to serve us. Even though we told them they served us on pushbikes 10 years previously.

    Ramm WANTED $32

    You’re not obliged to tell us anything, your personal finances are your own business and anyone who suspects you’re up to no good or taking advantage is free to stop watching your vids and not use your sign up links. I honestly don’t get the whole “show us your bank account<span style=”font-size: 1rem;”>” mentality here.</span>

    CharlieUtd WANTED $1

    The Bandit wrote:

    Vegas sounds about right and lmfao – what do you mean pretend to be a car, we WERE a car, made me lol remembering that one.

    Cheers for the post and yeah, i’l plod on with my hater helmet and shield in the battle positions haha


    Steve, is this you in the garden with the bearded man?

    Mookymagic WANTED $1


    I Love your vids, the way you gamble and to be fair I was truly gutted to see last nights vid about your massive loss. Obviously cannot even imagine how you feel.. I have enjoyed the rollercoaster ride with you and really glad you’re still up and see it for what it is… I won about £10,000 6 months ago and gambanned myself and spent the money on things that were life changing for me. Bought my fiancé a engagement ring and holidayed etc… my ban is up tomorrow and looking forward to having a gamble again, staying well clear of reelking and wild swarm though lol

    thanks for making 6 months seem like 6 weeks…

    total respect for you and the mental wife lol

    keep up the entertainment, best streamer by a country mile!


    Deej WANTED $1

    Hi Bandit

    I have been watching your vids off and on for about a year now, I don’t normally comment, but today I have registered here a feel compelled to put something down.

    Do not think for one moment I am being critical, I think what you have on here is pretty decent.

    I am a bit older than you (without being patronising) and I know that I have lost more than you in my lifetime with my excessive gambling, I don’t just mean money, there is a wife and kids that went by the wayside.

    Which brings me to my point; there comes a time when you look back and you reflect on the mad highs and lows of what we do. For me it actually effected my whole persona and shaped the atmosphere in my marital home.

    A decent streak gave me the rush, conversely the loses bought on the moods and lies (I am sure other members on here can relate)

    I now know in hindsight that I could have been a better dad/partner if I wasn’t constantly on the lookout for that elusive life changer, which never materialised by the way. My Mrs gave up in the end…80k a year job for me could have been 30k for all it was worth…all I’m saying mate is you have worked wonders getting yourself in this position, but you need to calm it down I think and just enjoy and appreciate what you have around you as opposed to the need you have to break the bank.

    I’m sure you make enough with your peripheral income including the affiliate stuff

    You can just tell me to do one if you want haha but it would be better for you and your overall piece of mind/long term mental wellbeing if you just reverted to normal 2 quid slot play and cash in your chips whilst your ahead

    I just don’t want you to have any regrets in 10 years time



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