Football index-any good?

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    Slots_of_fun WANTED $1

    Has anyone tried football index?

    Worth a punt or avoid?

    Malkychamp WANTED $414

    Yes definitely worth a go, not sure if the offer is still the same but when i done it was £500 risk free so you got the week to trade on players and if you were in loss you contacted them and the refunded what you had loss so back to your £500 balance. Although with most of the football now finished the trade prices might not really move as much

    Tricky0212 WANTED $65

    Might be worth looking into start of next season then ? I assume gamstop covers them too though ?

    Masquerade WANTED $9

    As a long-term casualty of sports betting, you’d make a fortune as soon as you see me start trading 🙂

    Sounds like fun though. Thanks for the heads-up.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)