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    Mattyr27 WANTED $2

    2pound stake great news ??

    The Bandit WANTED $5,352
    El Bandito

    I think yeah it has got to be really, they maybe need to follow through with something similar online though as i can see a lot of people that used to gamble in the bookies heading online and as we know, the online world has some crazy stakes available!

    miss_tasty80 WANTED $16

    I quick like the thought at least I can spend  my money longer now ????

    Mattyr27 WANTED $2

    I think ur bang on  there bandit when they do go down to 2pound where r you going to go to get ur fix online and if they don’t do something about online it b mad the amount u can bet on line is crazy cos I bet online sometimes and 2me it don’t fill like real money I no it is but am saying if I had the money in my hand I would not bet as much but on line it don’t fill real to me lol

    Mattyr27 WANTED $2

    Lol fair point make ur money last longer

    Stevie25 WANTED $254

    My personal experience is that for the roulette it had to be reduced, but unfortunately the bookies have already made a killing from roulette… Having the fruits at £2 won’t make a difference to 99% of players….

    blacko1974 WANTED $248

    Was in Corals on Saturday and the staff were giving it the full on sales pitch “Enter these details online for bonuses”, “visit the website for more details”, guy basically told them he wasn’t interested, girl basically apologised to the guy telling him that the bosses had the staff instructed to get the punters signing up online and to entice them with joining bonuses. These fuckers are basically accepting that their electronic nest eggs are soon getting put to sleep and are now on overdrive enticing their loyal punters into the dark world of gambling online. Will they display a 10 foot sign with GAMSTOP written on it?? didn’t think so.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)