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    Senor WANTED $2

    Hi everyone.

    So this happened a couple weeks back. And i wanted to post it for a while but i just didnt get to it.

    I was laying on the couch, a little bit bored. Opened a 1,- euro bonus from videoslots and lost that in 5 seconds on 10p. This ofcourse sparked my interest and i fell for the trap and deposited 10,-

    I was playing sword of khans. It was up and down until i hit a full line of the big guy.  250x nice!

    Image here from big win.

    I jogged on and started a game of chocolates on 10 cent stake. I had a bonus or two both were meh. And then i hit another one and that one really went ham.  I ended up with 5 spins to go and almost all squares filled in by a chocolatebox.  Around 5 or 6 were still empty.  The bonus ended with the biggest win aswell, the highest symbol. Total: 2999x something win. Around 300 euros!

    Big win picture here.

    That was crazy.

    After eating and doing some other stuff I went back at it.  Not the smartest thing to do normally.

    I started with 10 euros and had around 300+ now.  So I upped the stake to get the blood flowing.  I had some pretty decent not too crazy wins here and there. Nothing to screenshot atleast. But “I”(as if) managed to turn the 300 euros into a 600+ euros bankroll.

    Hours passed and I was having fun.  Adrenaline was high.  Stress too.

    It was early in the morning(just before I rose to travel, source the dubliners 🙂 ) and I didn’t get any sleep yet.  Well that’s when people make bad choices.  I went from an already uncomfortable 0.50 cents stake to a crazy 3 euros stake.  On one of my favorite slots.  Napoleon!  It didn’t go very well.  I was down 200 euros in no time.  Gamblers stress was sky rocketing.  And my head was already preparing for the clean. I kinda zoned out a bit.  Probably just plain mental fatigue and sleepiness after a way too long session. So while I was not really focusing anymore my head snapped upwards to the screen on a loud:” Attack!”

    Big win picture here.

    It was a 1092.- euro win!! Wow. I was completely awake again. After the count i took some time to let it sink in. (Not) my bankroll was at 1400.- +
    I guess that win wasn’t enough for me.  I said ill do a couple more spins down to 1400 and ill stop. Well less then a minute later a 636 euro win rolled in and i was finished. I had over 2000,- what a crazy ride.  One of the wildest things I’ve had happen to me in gambling.  I was always used to 10 or 20 cents stakes.

    Truth to be told i did lose around 400-500 euros afterwards in a 5 euro stake.  I felt mistakenly invincible.
    But even after that fairly unnecessary big loss i had some good news for the missus when she woke up… An extra salary that month!

    TLDR: turned 10 euros into 1500.

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