F’ckd over by every casino

As a long term gambler, do you think this is unusual?

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  • #1 Have seen/experienced this before and you will get that big turn around....enjoy the riches!!
  • #2 Have seen/experienced this before and means nothing to what lies ahead, luck is luck....head up and don't jump!
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    Williever66 WANTED $5

    Wtf is going?

    A whole year and only 3 times have I made a slight profit on hundreds of deposits on 4 popular UK casinos!I’m £33,500 down since a year ago on an average of £1.50 spins. They were £2 – £3 spins and about 10% on a £5 before Xmas.

    From Xmas I reduced down to 2 casinos, hoping to get some movement and it just got worse, so I vastly dropped my stakes to mostly 20p, playing 10p – 40p max.

    I’ve been spending around £800 a month and getting bonuses is almost impossible now! £900 in this month, 2 bonuses on 20p and 40p, 1x £3 bonus and yet another £0 bonus!

    I had 7 last month, 6 on the same game. £0, £1.66, £0, £0, £1.59, £0….how can this be? RTP means shit all these days.

    My supposed RTP on the 20+ games I play are mostly 40% or less, in many thousands of spins! It’s not like I have ever won big on that site the, but did ok until 3 years ago!  Now it’s a yearly pattern of 364 days of complete shit, then 1 day of big wins all over the place. Virtually the same thing, 3 years running!

    How is it, I watch people online, people in chat on streams have decent regular bonuses/wins, yet I’m completely cut out? It’s not like the RTP has dropped much. I play on games that are around 94% – 96%, yet it means nothing!

    There are more than 10 popular games I cannot bonus in 2000 spins, some over 3000 and I’m still trying to get them!

    Pizza pizza pizza has had £3k off me on around £1.50 stake and no bonus since October. The 2 bonuses I did get before were under 20x and losses. Primal has had £4k on £2, no bonus yet, but gave up on it! Rotten on 40p has had £1,400 off me, took months to bonus, got 6 in 2 days and got 2 totalling £3.25 and 4 of £0. How? Then it won’t bonus again in 400 spins so far! Bigger bass on £5 took £7,000+ and did not bonus once!!! Gave up on it. Kraken 1 and 2 impossible to bonus over months, £5,000 in on £2 stake between them! Eye of Horus on £5 probably down £6,000 as it did bonus maybe 10 times till Xmas, but all were 15x or less!

    VS is the main site, Pools is the other. Pools just rip £250 (site imposed limit) every month for 2 years without reply. Never a bonus or a line win above 10x. Don’t think I’ve had a line win above 20x on VS in 3 years!

    I have cashed out decent wins 5 times between these sites in 2 years. Pools once!!

    Surely I’m due a massive win soon???

    Dubbokid WANTED $1

    I feel your pain.  Things do seem very different now post Covid in the online world.  Frequently, like yourself I get bonus round that pay maybe 50x if I’m lucky, like you I’ve had £0.00 in a bonus round as well, but they tend to come from Nolimit city games like Fire in The Hole or Deadwood RIP – personally I think a bonus round should have 100x minimum returns given how much you usually have to pay to get the fuckers in the first place, but the slot companies obviously disagree with me.  I’ve had some better returns on one or two Elk games such as Buffalo Toro and I still try Blueprint’s Return of Kong Megaways, but I gave up on Primal which used to be good, but now even after 30 spins from retriggers if you’re lucky enough to get a bonus round you usually just get the bonus guarantee – so yeah, seems if you want to play slots in the UK these days best get used to a non lubricated fist up your arse and in your wallet!

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