[expert] do casino’s have AI?

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    Question, do casino’s run with a certain, artificial intelligence ?

    The reason why i’m asking, is because for the last 2 days, ive bin ‘dealing’ with getting my balance beyond a certain level. It is just impossible. But it’s impossible as well to lose it seems. I dont know exactly how i do it, i just keep going back and forward all the time and when i would lose this amount now, im pretty much guaranteed to the next time kick it up again untill i hit withdrawl.

    Why is this? I’ve played at nummerous casino’s. Big brands, new faces on the market, unknown ones, all seem to be having a different way of playing. Even tho that RTP is sometimes hidden or its visible, there’s still a great variance in the way games play in several casino’s. Ive found one that has my genuine belief it’s random as it’s supposed to be, meaning i really hit the jackpot like last week(s).

    However with other casino’s, i experience lots of different burdens. I’m sure the bandit himself proberly knows what i’m talking about. The frequency of deposits also dictates if your going to be lucky or not. If your a 50 quid or euro a week punter; dont expect much. If your a 1000 up to 5000 a week punter; its a whole different ballgame. Same as playing with bonus money.

    Some provide all sorts of actions as long as your within the “wagering requirement” and personally ive seen this myself too; its like your buying your own entertainment. The chances of actually getting ahead with wagering requirements these days is pretty pretty slim. So back to the original mind-fart;

    Ive won several games in 2 days straight unable to pass the 8k. I hit withdrawl last morning at i think 3200. Then i reversed it. Kicked it back to 5. Withdrawled 4500 of that. Left 500. I kicked it now to 6900, meaning i hit withdrawl again of a total of 6000, leaving another 900 or so to play with. I’m pretty sure that i cant or unable to beat the 8k mark or so. I dont understand why.

    I’m a experienced player; i think i’m in online now for quite a few years and a year back hitting the 100000 mark in a withdrawl. I love hitting big, i think i’d be a OK streamer; but i dont feel like glamorising gambling online since we all know what the harsh reality can be of losing. We’ve all bin there. I know for example streamers get potential deals based on the amount of followers.

    What you see in there is’nt real. It’s all marketed as easy winning luring in a new generation of gamblers. Thats what it is all about.

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