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    keykeythe1 WANTED $20

    eyup, lads and ladies of the forum, most of you will know me within some description….. if not, im… keykeythe1.  been a long time gambler, love a punt, love a laugh, and the banter that goes with it. been around since the very early days of the youtube gamblers. Who would post videos.

    And this helped me to meet some really great people, and have some crazy weekends away, gambling and drinking with like minded people.

    Im here for entertainment, and a good read. love the vids steve. keep em up. any vegas invites?? let me know. that goes for anybody reading this. lol.

    All the best everyone, and remember , when the fun stops… stop gambling.


    Over and out.

    Dailybouls WANTED $2

    Oh, I saw your channel! You are so cool. If you can, please write down a video about how you play in free play novomatic slots I’d really like to see

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)