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    Mickeyvondickey WANTED $181

    Friday 31st =  Monthly Payday! Billy Big Boots!Weekend millionaire!

    Take the missus out for a meal on the Friday night to keep her happy, Saturday – meet a few mates and down the bookies to put our footy bets on, then down the local snooker club for a pint (or 7)and watch a match and see the results come in.

    Home for a shit, shower and shave and it’s time to hit the town.

    Sunday morning arrives and feeling like death warmed up.

    Decide to go for a walk along the promenade to clear the head. I end up straying into the local pier, and after playing the £5 jackpot machines with change from the night before,  I’m 50 quid up and wanting to up the ante.

    Into the 500 jackpot section and within 3 hours, I’ve been to the bank 2 or 3 times and am £450 in the hole (Rainbow Riches Freespins). Shite!

    The long walk home…. kicking chippings and feeling sorry for myself with a stinking headache from the ale the night before. It’s always then it dawns on you: I could have upgraded my wardrobe a little, stuck a small deposit on a holiday or just had a bit of cash on the hip.

    I imagine the missus spitting venom at me when she finds out and the excuses I come up with wouldn’t convince the doziest twat!

    Then a mate rings. “We’re all going for Sunday dinner, watch the match and have a few more jars. Get involved!” He says with enthusiasm.

    The final insult….. I make my excuses and those chippings get kicked a bit harder as the walk of shame continues.

    Not 2 sovs to rub together when I stick my hands in my pockets. Then I realise I have a few raffle tickets from a small arcade called Jackpot amusements. If you change a fiver, you get a ticket, change a tenner you get 2 tickets, you get the picture.

    I dive in to check if the draw has been. It has, and what do you know, I’ve won the top (and only) prize of a ton! Fuck me, I never win diddly squat in raffles or shit like that so I’m as happy as a sandboy.

    Still down 350, I have a flutter on some 15 quid jackpot machines, mainly Crazy Fruits and I’ve got 150 of the 450 back.

    Then some geeza comes and tells me he’s pumped Elvis for a couple of hundred and to give it a whirl. I’m weary as it’s never paid for me before and i’m hardly rolling in dough. This geeza is only a bloke I say hi to in the arcade. He may have just won as far as I know.

    I dig out a handful of poundcoins and start shoveling them in, well, only about 20 quid.

    Then it happens, as if in slow motion…. the fifth pink Cadillac rolls in and I’ve scooped the 500 jackpot!

    I’m ecstatic, but as I celebrate with “GET THE FUCK IN THERE!” shouted out loud, about 8 granny’s look over at me as if I’ve just stabbed their favourite grandkid!

    Evidently, they had been eyeing up that machine as well. Fuck Em!  Not today ladies… it’s my turn!

    I’m back to over 600 quid and I change it up and I’m out of there.

    The missus has her housekeeping money with a little extra and i’m ringing my mate back ready for a beef dinner and a few cheeky pints with the boys.

    Moral of the story – don’t gamble with a hangover. You just don’t seem to care if you win or lose and that, my gambling friends, can be very dangerous.



    Lionheart WANTED $2

    Morale of the story is

    gambling addict


    the reason I would call you an addict is because you should only take what you are willing to lose… sounds to me by the way your felt and knowing what was coming, aswel as making excuses to the mates it’s an all too regular occurrence.

    the problem with what’s happened and I know because I’ve been there, is the fact that you’ve staked 450 to win 150….


    the way way I have now come to think of it which massively helps me and I really hope it helps you is… what X win would Give you that buzz… 50x, 10x 200x.

    What you have in fact just done is had a about a 1.3x win. (Pretty poor in fairness)

    but the reason your extatic is because of the situation you put yourself in… don’t do it, it’s not worth it… the bad times will out way the good I promise you that.

    This is the problem is modern day gamblers have… the excitement unfortunately is enhanced by us being down initially. Your the perfect example… had you won 150 off of an initial £20 bet or something I garauntee you it would not have felt as good as it did when you was down.

    I wish you much luck in the future as I do all fellow gamblers. Hope it helps

    Mickeyvondickey WANTED $181

    Thanks for the advice. This was several years ago. I probably have a flutter every 3 months or so now. If that’s an addict, so be it. Maybe i was at the time. I think the whole point of this section is to tell your gambling stories of days gone by. That was one of mine.

    Lionheart WANTED $2

    Yeah defo dude… I think we all have similar stories to that when when we’ve been caught up..

    i mean shit I’ve got an absolute ridiculous one that was such a lucky escape


    but some of the things I mentioned really did help me. Hard to take a step back sometimes. I find that sticking to what you tell yourself before going in massively helps as I’ve mentioned above.


    My worst was on 32 red about 6 year ago…

    i had depositied about £500 on payday, after transferring the missus money for the bills but it literally left me with fuck all for the month… I had about £20 in my PayPal so I deposited that but then when I looked at my paypal I didn’t have it… there must of been an issue with the casino requestion the money and paypal approving it… so gambling addict at the time me thought… wonder how much it will let me deposit… anyways 1hr later I’ve deposited about a grand from paypal (even tho cash wasn’t there… so I then did another grand and finally got lucky and hit a number paying me £2300)

    after that I had a long hard think into why I had done it and why I was so happy about losing £200… I felt like I had been tricked but after stepping away you realise it’s all about control. If you can control what your doing it’s safe… the minute you aren’t your fucked.

    Mot defo made me see how people can get thousands and thousands in debt through it tho

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