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    Slotter WANTED $4

    Had a big win today. Was prepared to grind out Ecuador gold. 1821 spins for bonus on 60p …… paid 26 quid odd. That was my 5000x win gone then ma own money.  Devastation aint the word. There shudnt be games like that why does it take so long to bonus……anyone else been shafted on that game??

    Kingsmook WANTED $5

    Yep very hard to bonus and as you say when you do get one its a tilt!! Shame as it is a good game to play. I threw 600 spins at it with no bonus yesterday. 🙁

    Biohazard WANTED $410

    Slots like this are an absolute pain to bonus, but their RTP is still high as normally the base wins are decent, and the bonus has the potential to go nuts, if and when it finally lands. The trick with Bonanza, Temple of Treasures and other slots like these, it’s important not to chase the bonus thinking it’s due. They are very difficult to bonus, and will leave you in this exact situation more often than not!

    Fredsson WANTED $1

    450 spinns  3 bonuses, 1 paid 200x. Other 2 about 50x but got a Nice basehit whit The expanding wild for 230x

    thunderball6 WANTED $142

    The bonuses have all been the same for me . Dead spins . Then last couple off spins drops wilds in .

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)