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    Anonymous WANTED $81

    Self-reflection is a gruesome topic. It sucks to acknowledge things are wrong because then your subconscious is going to bug you about it until you fix it.

    I dare you all to go to page 21 of that PDF and rate yourselves

    I score between 5 and 9 points depending on how long the timeframe is because I did some pretty stupid things as a kid. I already knew I had a gambling addiction because I started playing slots around the same time I could reach high enough to put the money in. Curse of being tall. I spent most of my high school days in pool halls, casinos, slot arcades, all while under the age of 18. I basically gave Deborah Meaden her fortune but the miserable old bitch never gave any of it back (she made her fortune in arcade slot machines)

    Anyway, I’ve been hearing a lot about it in the news lately (underage/problem gambling) so I thought I would look into it. The number of kids in the UK gambling is a huge problem. We are one of the few countries that allows under 18s to gamble. We let them use slot machines up to £5 jackpot, coin-sliders and bet on silly tokens. In every high street in the land, you can find a bookmaker, or twelve. Now in every video game there are gambling and micro-transactions. The gaming companies make 10 times more from kids abusing their parents’ debit cards than buying the game in the first place

    I can handle my demons because I know they exist and why they are there. My hope is you lot either don’t have demons or have those bastards bound and gagged. Christmas (and birthdays) used to be a time I did a lot of my gambling. If I could turn back the clock, I would take the money I lost on slot machines and go and buy presents for everybody I knew. Your friends and family will appreciate that £20, £50, £100, £1000, a lot more than the slot machines ever will <3 <3

    Biohazard WANTED $432

    Honestly, I’d have to score myself an 8. However, there are some caveats. The only one I haven’t done in that list is the “illegal acts” item. I’ve never stolen money, sold things without permission etc. to fund gambling, and I never will.

    “Have you needed to gamble with more and more money to get the amount of excitement you want” – going back to when I was younger, yes, I guess. I used to spend a lot less, but that has more down to an increase with what money I have available. I can play 50p stakes and I can play £5 stakes, but they’re both enjoyable to me. I select my stake based on what my deposit is/what I can afford for the session.

    The risked relationships one is also an interesting one. I spent £20 on slots in the casino while one of my ex girlfriends was with me and she thought that was a problem which resulted in an argument… it certainly wasn’t, and I don’t think that should qualify towards a “problem gambling” criteria as that’s down to external perception, which would vary significantly depending on the person.

    So somewhere between 6 and 8 for me. Somewhat in-line with what I was expecting.

    ligarr WANTED $70

    Hmm i scored 9…as for the illegal acts i could only say yes to one part as i have never stolen from anybody…but did answer yes to this one.Me and some mates would often save our dinner money and goto the local kebab shop and play the 2 slots they had.

    Have you ever taken money from any of the following
    without permission to spend on gambling:

    Dinner money or fare money

    ligarr WANTED $70

    oh we would also sneak into thirpe park or chessington world of adventures then spend the money in the arcades they had…i guess thats illegal lol.

    appleman91 WANTED $33

    If 9 is the worst then it’s a 9 for me. Although I’ve never stole from anyone to gamble. I borrowed money from family and payday loans, I also sold my bike and car to gamble. Any spare money I had I couldn’t resist gambling. I joined gamstop about 3 weeks ago, best thing I’ve ever done. Some days I’m climbing the walls but it was the best option going cold turkey.

    Winningbird WANTED $250

    Growing up in skeg Vegas made me an addict. Them 2p slots got me from the first time I laid eyes on them haha

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