Do you know who i am mate?!

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    Jimhart750 WANTED $1

    Hi guys. New here but not new to slotting… loving the bandits videos and even end up using his quotes when playing especially when the scatters “go past waving”

    ulrichburke WANTED $4

    This is for The Bandit, answering a question he asked on his latest video and pointing out a bug in this website!

    Dear Bandit.

    When you tried to play one of the games, Pyramidion, it came up with an error message and you asked what it meant.  I’ve peered at it and it looks like an upstream error – it can’t connect to the actual game.  The loading screen’s just a picture for the user to look at while waiting for the game to load, it doesn’t mean the game IS loading.

    And there’s a bug in your website.  Whenever I FIRST go to leave a post anywhere, it says ‘There is a problem with the site. One of the commands ‘Javacript’ isn’t recognised.’  Er – there’s an S missing, it should be ‘JavaScript!’  (except with the S in lower-case, I just capitalized it for effect.) If I click on the BACK button on the browser, THEN it works OK because it’s not calling the same routines and the spelling’s obviously right in the routines it is calling.

    Nope, not a programmer, just love spelling! (I get ALL the weirdos here! The Bandit sighs.)

    Yours respectfully




    Dee_Hen4 WANTED $3

    Hi Brando! Sunday mega slots ? I have great admiration for your determination.

    plindos WANTED $3

    Hi Bandit,
    Long time viewer enjoy the content
    I hope you will continue with Sunday Slots as I look forward to your vids, they help me not feel the urge to spend money I don’t have on slots.

    Gary67 WANTED $1

    I get an error everytime I try load pyramidium or any igt game. Strange

    lost4life08 WANTED $1

    hey bandit, watch your youtube vids everynight. thank you for the great entertainment. hoping to see you on some high stakes deadwood soon, its my favorite slot. anyway best of luck, i will see you in the next vid. thanks for all the entertainment. much appreciated.


    is that squirrell from the youtube simulator videos above me?? if so, nice work also squirrell, i have watch you for years!!



    Carina1979x WANTED $2

    Hi never been b4 me an my bf Lee watch all the time, where have u gone? Missing the vids ?

    Don1Roberts86 WANTED $1

    Hi, new to watching your vids although I’ve pretty much watched them all now. Great to watch! Like your style of vids and your way of gambling.

    Heard on your last vid that you live in Wrexham, I was born there and I lived in Hawarden. I’m living in Australia at the moment. Anyway, rambling on now.

    Keep up the great work, look forward to more vids

    Cheaptrick WANTED $2

    Greetings from Germany, once again, somehow my earlier post just vanished, or didn’t even show up for starters.

    Anyway, big fan here. Favorite quote definately : Don’t hurt yourself!

    Cheaptrick WANTED $2

    Greetings from Germany, big fan here.

    Favorite quote definately : Don’t hurt yourself! xD

    bri1974 WANTED $1

    Iam a ALIEN from RICK AND MORTY SLOT which charactor are you from which slot? lol

    Mattyy88 WANTED $1

    Yo, this is Mathew your new member to the gang, I have seen your vids bandit and I have to say abselute legend mate, I too am I seriously high stakes gamer most times I stay on 80p then into £2 a spin, I like taking the odd £2 a spin when I’m up a lot from 80p that payes off for me but everyone plays all sorts of stakes.. by the way I’m on here to tell you, I have witnessed the most unreal double bonus feature on wild antics 80p a spin..I dont think it’s ever been seen in a live spin but I can’t get the vid from sun vegas where I go on most times.. basicly I got the feature where it times the wins amount think it’s soldier ant anyway I couldn’t stop biting wilds almost 9 was on the bored feature finished with £370 win but get this the little bugga came out his tree I never even new he did that I chose a different feature kernall ant as in sargant it did the exact same thing and I win the exact same amount so £740 on 80p spin and got a double feature on wild antics.. that my story yippeeee

    fatal1tyx3 WANTED $1

    Hi all

    Rammin WANTED $1

    Yo everyone, what’s popping? ??

    ScoobySlots WANTED $1

    Hi Mate.

    How do I get a message to you I have a idea for a video on your power up channel.

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