Do casinos need to be independent of each other?

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    CapNlog81couric WANTED $1

    Hey Steve/phil

    so I’ll try to keep this short as poss;

    so I am currently signed up to slingo casino and ojo.

    I entered the free tournaments that they do. Upon looking at the leaderboards I noticed that the leaderboards on both sites were exactly the same. Ie whoever was a number 1/2/3/4 etc was the same on both sites.

    im aware that they are sister sites of each other. I emailed ojo on the 17th. Still no reply (today being 23/11) and have used online chat which says “6hours to respond” when I 1st asked the question

    “how is it possible that the winners are the same on both sites?”
    the question was swerved and I was told “we don’t know what the other site is doing”

    which is clearly bs. All I want is an answer to this question.

    I checked their T&C and it says section 21.1 “afflilates etc are not allowed to use the website” however an affiliate casino does use the website as the leaderboards are the same.

    I could potentially sign up to all of ojo sister websites, win a tournament and by default i would win at every other website?

    This seems highly suss to me but I don’t know as I have searched for an answer for days and ojo clearly ain’t responding so here I am.
    I have my email, copies of chat and copies of their t@c’s to back all this up and will provide if asked.

    i just want to know if this is allowed under UKGC

    Thank you for your time

    ImperialDragon WANTED $67

    I don’t think it’s possible as you get this in other industries too such as hotel chains and pub chains, sharing the same parent company.

    Spin_em_in WANTED $10

    The tournament is probably ran by the provider and not the site. This happens a a lot if not most of the time as it means the site can advertise the huge potential prize pot whilst potentially paying out nothing to players on the individual site.

    Pragmatic Play ‘drops & wins’ tournaments are a prime example. Where the leader-board is shared between 100’s of sites including outside of the UK where bonus buys and turbo spins count towards the leader-board

    Playtech do it with their progressive jackpots too where the bet size influences the potential chance of triggering a jackpot (it says this in the game info). But bet size is limited to £5 in UK and $500 outside….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)