The day i finally beat the bookies!

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    JakefraserSufc WANTED $12

    Ive just been sat here thinking about a time when i beat the bookies and did it in style!

    So back in 2014 i started my day as i would nip to the bookies and have a spin and a few horses then go upto see the mrs , ( i knew nothing about racing and still dont ) i went in and chucked a tenner on a horse at 10/1 ( always went number 3 for my birthday ) and it sailed home! from what i can remember i had a few dogs that lost had a spin on the roulette then i was on my way , later that day i went back to my mums house for some snap and get my clothes for the next day because the mrs asked me if i wanted to stay over at her parents  with her, the bookies is bang outside the bus stop where i caught the bus , so i thought id nip back in and have a bash , had £50 in my pocket . went in straight on the roulette . £20 spin …. to no suprise it lost . second spin i thought fuck it bus is due in a min so i need to be quick  ,£13.80 on 0 and the other few quid on 3 and 26 ,  0 came in and i was buzzin , the next several spins i took the same approach , £30-50 spins max ammount on a few numbers . ended up cashing out for £3000! by this time id missed my bus so got the women behind the counter to ring me a taxi , bookies being as they are obv didnt have the cash to payout so i got it paid to my card , while waiting for my taxi i had a look at the football and spurs was playing asteras tripoli fc … i had to decide have a bet with my last tenner i had for a taxi or just walk out …. anyway i had a bet and picked something stupid .. spurs 5-1 @ 40/1… ive had to scroll back on my facebook to 2014 just to get the picture of the betting slip ill post that in my comments . ill leave you to guess what the spurs score was haha! hope other people can share any crazy stories they have!

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    Brilliant story mate, il post my own one now 🙂

    Grand national this year, never bet big on it as i think its a bit farcical, cheltenham festival is much easier, won a fair wedge there before but thats another story haha.

    Anyway after tiger roll won the 4 miler and won me a few hundred i put the loose change of my winnings of a few tonne on tiger roll for the national, i actually forgot about it till the day, wasnt huge amounts i had on him but enough to win around 750 if it won, which it duly did, i cashed out 500 and the same night Man City were playing Spurs, if im watching a live game i always do a bet builder bet of over 2.5 goals, over 3.5 cards and over 9.5 corners, usually get a good run for my money bue inevitably it loses lol……not this day it didn’t!! Put my largest ever bet of this kind on, £270, would pay £1400 if it came in…..anyway by half time the goals were in, the cards were in and there had been 6 corners….only needed 4…..decided to reverse the 500, put a further 230 on under 11 corners at 4/1, this guaranteeing me a profit…..after 92 mins there was exactly 10 corners….both bets were coming in!! Sadly that clown kyle walker gave away a needless corner with near the last kick but nonetheless, won 1400 so i was delighted…..cashed out a grand, played 400 on the wheel, back and forth, up and down for long enough then went on a stupendous run of hits… u do bets got bigger when i was hitting, before i knew it my balance was 4k and my spins were now up to 350 – 400 a spin…..was hammering number 6 with plenty on 34 and 27, not a word of a lie… 4 numbers were 6,34,6 and 27! Went from 4k to 16k in like 2 mins….have always wanted to day i had enough on a spin to win 10k, so next spin i hammered 9 with like 400 on it lol mas betting for me, had 185 on 31 and 115 on 22, unbelievably 31 rolls in but it must of sat in 9 for like 3 weeks haha! Cashed out 20k and instantly self excluded when money cleared haha

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    I do love these kind of stories.

    One of mine involves Waverley Train Station in 1989.  Waverley was one of the first train stations to have a bookies and as I was waiting to get my train down South to visit my family I popped into the bookies, it was only 10.30 am and I didn’t have much else to do.  I was only 17 at the time but hadn’t had a problem placing a bet since I was around 15, I had a tough paper round.

    I was in the RAF at the time and was only taking home £260 a month.  So there I was looking at the screens and as some of you will now the only live sport on at that time on a Friday is the Dogs.  The race was at Monmore and trap 6 was 20/1.   Sod it I thought, I’ll put T6 in a Tricast.  As I get my slip, and this is weird, I wrote down T6 £10 win.  And then placed the bet.  That was a big bet for me 10 years ago and of course it duly romped in and I won £180 as I didn’t pay the bloody betting tax.  The two blokes behind the counter were as good as gold and laughed their heads off.

    Anyway, the train journey home was a riot with tins a plenty.



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