Davo Slots Fake?

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    Greendreams WANTED $1

    Anyone think that Davo slots in YouTube (Aussie) is using fake money? I’m pretty sure he is just to get fuck loads of views which results in his affiliation links getting used. This guy was doing 800$ spins like it was nothing. 99% certain he’s fake also never shows his withdrawals. Entertaining nevertheless.



    The Bandit WANTED $2,603
    El Bandito

    Not one i had heard of until a few days ago when loads of people were asking in Rocknrollas stream tbh mate – I watched one vid about a 100k win and saw the stakes of £500+ a spin, what struck me was all the people in the comments really lapping it up whereas when i myself dared to go to £10 for the first time, i was called out as a fake lol The guy has some editing skills so it was a nice video to watch with the viewpoint changing every now and then but it would be quite easy for him to issue some statements/proof of deposits and withdrawals like i have done in the past to at least ease the question real or fake? Perhaps he feels “why should i” which is also fair enough, i’m sure time will tell.

    What i will say though is to maintain those sort of spin sizes you are going to need multiple millions in the bank really, or be on 1000% bonuses, either of which is possible i guess.

    Fudwoods WANTED $40

    I believe Davoslots is real man, he has been going for 6 months or so, he don’t do his own editing he has someone do it for him, his reactions are proof enough and he is insanely funny, even if he was fake I might still watch cause he is slowly becoming the most entertaining streamer in my opinion, he streams at like 9 in the morning, watch him live and make your own opinion

    2ShotsEmcee WANTED $2

    N.a. he can’t be fake.. U can’t use Play Money on Live Casinos & he plays a he’ll of a lot of Live Dealer blackjack

    blacko1974 WANTED $111

    Rocknrolla must be one of the coolest streamers I have seen online, not sucking up his arse or anything like that but his reactions are the same whether he gambles a hundred pounds or five grand a spin. I can see how he is so successful at poker.

    In regards to fake streamers I am convinced Roshtein and that wee baldy foreign guy are full of shit. I’m a bullshitter myself so I know when I’m in the company of others.

    The fella with the brummie accent seemed a nice fella but I think his funds have dried up, the Swedish dudes are hard to watch, especially when he gets a big win and grabs his foot shouting “ding ding”, what the fuck is that all about?

    Moan over.



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