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    Brekis2 WANTED $12

    Today I decided to play some at Betsafe.

    This is just insane, 1400 lost, got only 3 bonuses both were around 40 Euro with a 2 Euro stake.

    ive never had such a bad session, slots kept teasing and not giving bonuses, I just kept depositing. Went a bit off my limit with that adrenaline.

    Last time I played in that casino, they screwed over with withdrawals, it’s lagging sometimes, I just don’t recommend that casino.

    gonna go get drunk

    P.S around 800 lost in book of dead and only two bonuses, both kings, didn’t even hit 3 of them, that’s just crazy

    LCA81 WANTED $24

    Yesterday I was about half that down, won 250 back, but stupidly have been buying bonus on chilli, and getting my dick kicked, have took a break on most of casinos, and really think I need to knock it on head completely before disaster strikes

    Levskie101 WANTED $22

    Can seem that way sometimes, why it’s best to have limits. Though I will say I’ve played on some casinos before after a win and it sure seems like the odds of me winning have been dramatically changed since the win.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)