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    congamabby WANTED $17

    If your like me a take fantasy football way to seriously your head should be exploding on team selection this year.

    yes the city look good for a second prem title.  but looking passed them liverpool look good,arsenal may surprise this year.

    absolutely no faith in man u and i can see spurs nose diving this year.

    but its the bargain players in middle to bottom of league that we all have to pick.

    I love a bargain and i think ive got a few gems. would love to share but they will all become apparent.

    hows your team coming on is the faith strong. confidence is everything.  the time is here lets rock and roll and see how it pans out..

    Bigp WANTED $36


    I’m hating the look of my team! Spent hours and hours just not comfortable any anything I select!

    My mind is distracted organising this huge dream team league but for once I’d actually like to win one of the prizes I offer but I’ve never felt so uneasy.

    you are right you need to find a few cheap gems! Near enough every City player looks pickable but how does Pep rotate??? Salah for Liverpool but £13m is a big gamble on someone who will get looked after better by defences this season! Still good to make a bundle of points for you tho!

    Spurs can’t go wrong with Kane (except in August), Eriksen and hopefully Alli back to his form of 2 seasons ago!

    i could go on and on! Like I said I’m struggling but you never know I maybe surprised…..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)