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    Kne123 WANTED $6

    Right guys wanted to do this for a while so here goes.

    Me and my partner pick in each race I will pick 2 because I like forecast doubles and trebles. I’ve never put the trebles on and have been told by some one who has put them on the dogs that they pay well small stake so right up my street.

    Today’s picks sat Nov 24th.

    Chris ”s picks Ascot

    12.20. Doux pretender/Trevelyan’s corn.

    12.55. Dino’s benefit/like the sound

    1.30. Oscar rose/ perfect summer

    2.05. politilogue/benetar

    2.40. old guard/tomngerry

    3.15. San Benedeto/gardefoot


    12.10. cause toujours/denmead

    12.40. Alvarado/little brucie

    1.15. full glass/river wylde

    1.50. chtibello/bark de juiley

    2.25. Theo’s charm/first assignment

    3.00. native river/thistlecrack

    3.35. captain redbeard/vintage clouds

    I’m not expecting big things and also when I look on coral website to Pot my betso onI know some of these horses odds are going to be more than I’d want or expect some less as well. This is the way I do it get a paper mark with a pen read a little then go to coral online and put my gets on…so I’m going to do the first three races in each meeting .six horses on each bet each way four folds and five folds low stake. One bet will have 7 so I will do six folds and four folds I may do a few last minute 5p win Yankees on other horses depends what jumps out at me while I’m watching…I mean there are other horses I fancy and when your bets down its down so couple mini back up bets adds to the fun. Barring In Mind I am having fun so excuse my need to pick more than one horse I know most just pick a few and go with it .


    Kne123 WANTED $6


    12.00 enrichissant/larkbarrow lad

    12.30 majestic moll/rebel yeats

    1.05 hats off to Harry / esprit de Bailey’s

    1.40 mister university/ Snapdragon fire

    2.15 bougarius/here I am

    2.50 aquarian/aurthers Reuben


    11.45 Ventura blues/sweet lady rose

    12.15 bridlemere court/jewel of the sea

    12.50 deeds not words/jabarout

    1.25 sir thomas gresham/ firmament

    2.00 journey of life / jailbreak

    2.35 captain Lars/jack Taylor

    3.10 fanfair/classiccharm

    3.40 light of air/hackbridge

    The misses is busy so will leave hers out today..






    Kne123 WANTED $6

    Had a couple each way bets up.should of done it meeting by meeting I’d of had a win four fold up maybe next time. I’ll do some picks for Wolverhampton tonight.

    Kne123 WANTED $6

    It’s the light switch on I think I’ll leave wolves not really got the time to look… And don’t wanna rush them. Should of done it before but never mind.

    Kne123 WANTED $6

    Lol I’m not going not enough room in the car… So here’s my Wolverhampton picks.

    5,15 castleteara tess / fantasy justifier

    5,45 normal equalibrium/ Angel of the South

    !, 15 Sunday prospect /ventura gold

    6,45 percieved/arcadian angel

    7,15 approach the vity/volconique

    7,45 West newton/ sunvisor

    8,15 jem scuttle / axel jacklin

    8,45 sayesse/ gibeno

    So just to let you all know I picked some more horses today  Snapdragon fire, truckers highway, King of realms, bishops Road  actival, black mischief, Bristol de mai, contrive, red impression, simply bit gutted didn’t hit a cracker with them but that’s me all over lol…

    Kne123 WANTED $6

    There where others as well these where the best of those picks on loosing bets nothing connecting.

    Kne123 WANTED $6

    So other horses I picked that came in but didn’t get up on are. Truckers highway, red impression, simply loveleh, black mischief, Bristol de mai, King of realms, contrive, I picked alvarado and actival and they was on a winking bet. Bit dissapointed few winners there as well lol.

    Kne123 WANTED $6

    Just looked had around 8 forecasts as well now that’s some going.

    Kne123 WANTED $6

    Funny I was Guna say if I was going to light switch on I’d of gone with kirby on all horses and rawlinson in the race he wasn’t running in. The first four kirbys come in lol… I’m going to look at tomorrow’s runners and make my picks…. I have a bet I wanna try I will do it and explain why and how soon jot sure when but I will do it… It will be mad it will be fun and potential will be massive.

    Kne123 WANTED $6

    So Wolverhampton results where  6 places and a winner….I usually do non runner second fav in the bookies you can’t do that online….

    Today’s picks Sunday 25th November


    1.10 ayslo/discay.

    1.40 our dots baby/pardon me

    2.10 caperd king/loughderg farmer

    2.40 oh and abloom/crixuss escape

    3.10 zayfire aramis/Finnegan’s garden

    3.40 little Millie/kenrford mallard


    12.50 cracking destiny / princess midnight

    1.20 fenlons court/Vango de vaige

    1.50 deuville dancer/bells and banjos

    2.20 st Erny/tobefair

    2.50 watcombe hieghts/ admirals secret

    3.20 fan fan du seuil/meterons cube

    3.50 catching time/IL sicario


    12.00 Momus/curious times

    12.30 put on the kettle/ someday Jemima

    1.00 easy game/magnium

    1.30 folly dat / kilkea king first

    2.00 duca De thaix/ jets

    2.30 arkwrist/ spiderweb

    3.00 salty boy/pass the ball

    3.30 Gemma’s home / queen’s boulevard

    So that’s them…any other horse I fancy are uttoxeter –

    1. Frankie rapper runner/White Oak stroller

    3.sandy beach

    4. Notwhatiam

    5. kavanaghs corner

    6 drill baby drill.


    1. Slaying the dragon


    3.courtfrontier/money gold

    4.lil rockerfella

    5. Vaseur du granval..this a hard one for me un prophet night of sin and new millennium are all in my mind but I’ve gone with t r George . I should go v Williams un prophet but my heart tells me r Johnson on new millennium. R George teamed up with mr n george the other day and missed so maybe it’s due that’s my logic.

    6.banksy art /cheeky rascal

    I would put these other horses on a bet …I’m only having 2 or four bets today not sure what I’m going with yet . I will decide soon but I won’t be putting them all on like always do but I will go from the first 2/3 maybe the first four races at each meeting and see if I can hit on to carry on the rest of the day .






    Kne123 WANTED $6

    8 winners 11 places. Not bad really.

    Kne123 WANTED $6

    So the 8 winners 11 places is Saturdays picks.. got a couple bets up today , I did each way  lky15s .money back . I should of done better really but its only for back with tomorrow’s picks.

    Kne123 WANTED $6

    Today’s picks 26/11/2018


    12.55 crooks peak 1.30 Chesterfield 2.05 mias storm 2.35 sister sibyl 3.10 plantagenet 3.40 Monday club


    12.30 Northern bound kanisari 1.05 baron du plessis Hugo horse 1.40 tornado in Milan stern urn 2.15 dancing doug mystical clouds 2.45 dance into the light burn baby well 3.20 prime venture Thomas Campbell 3.50 againcourt reef rasasee


    12.45 Moore novelty St quintin 1.20 iconic belle 1.55 Red oche asum 2.25 ballynanty val mome 3.00 Co Valley contre toys 3.30 glorious lady express des mottes

    Kne123 WANTED $6

    Good day again  I have a win five fold up. I’ve uploaded the winning slip. Small stake  I have I did not put win four folds or win trebles.but a wins a win five winners 1place in six picks on one bet get in.

    Kne123 WANTED $6

    Ten plus winners today.. I’m happy

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