Casumo – In response to Bandits latest Video

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    I tried to post directly in the comments section underneath the video but due to limits on number of characters felt I could make a better point here.

    Firstly as a streamer/youtuber Bandit I do not have a problem with anything you do. You are as a high roller completely transparent and clear about your gambling, and just as importantly fun to watch.

    After watching your latest video, I was drawn to something you said about Casumo ringing you up asking if your gambling was under control. Well, I am not sure if you are aware of this, but Casumo where fined by the Gambling Commission for not having adequate systems in place to protect problem gamblers and have adequate money laundering procedures in place. I can’t help feeling their call to you was a bit knee jerk to be honest, and would be interested to hear if they did this when you were on any previous downswings.

    Casumo banned me last year for taking what was a targetted +EV bonus with very good wagering terms. All I did was win. I am not bitter about it, this is the game that online casinos create in trying to win market share and is why people resort to multi-accounting to get around the inevitable bans that come with +ev promotions.

    Not kicking you in the teeth about what was a shocking session mate, Just felt I needed to make this point. Here is the link:







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    El Bandito

    As posted elsewhere just a moment ago, i would have to say that Casumo have always been this way with me. They didn’t call me, they emailed and they have done before, several times, whenever either my session length or deposit amounts spiked.

    They closed my account down in November last year because of all this source of wealth rubbish, it took until March to find something that they would accept from me – I only have the sort of limits on my account, ie no limit, because that is my personal choice, they have to have that option there because not everyone wants a limit.

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