Card Name Doesn’t Match Account Name: Advice?

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    jrembury WANTED $1

    Hi Folks-

    A bit of back story;

    Me and my brother often enjoy getting a few drinks in and having a go at the slots 50/50 chip in. Last night we signed up to a new fairly accredited online casino under my name (e.g Joe Bloggs). However without even thinking, we deposited from his card (e.g Tim Bloggs).

    We did alright – £500 in, £850 withdrawal. He checked his account this morning, no payment.

    I then check my e-mails: The casino has asked for a ‘Proof of Payment’ verification, an image of the card with full name.

    Obviously the surname on the card matches the account, but not the first initial.

    We’ve not done anything yet; Where do we stand in this instance?

    Any help/advice would be appreciated, Cheers guys.


    Dynamik23 WANTED $82

    Form what I’ve read about a similar situation on here before, you are fucked. You won’t get the winnings and you’ll be lucky to get the deposit back. You can either try and get around it and lie and hope it works (not sure how) or you can explain to them and hope you get the deposit back.

    Seyahkram1977 WANTED $696

    Yeah agree with D, it has to be your Money from your account to gamble, anything else is a huge no no…..

    You could try and blag the card is using an initial that is rarely used

    ” my name is Joe Tim  bloggs” but you’d have to prove that….just send the docs in ( you never know, the assessor might be hung over)  but honestly I think it’s a lost cause

    Tricky0212 WANTED $82

    Check the sites terms, it’s not uncommon for it to state if you use someone else card they are entitled to assume you have permission of the card holder. I personally think you will be ok but they may block the account or at least stop you using that card – that’s what pokerstars and party poker do but they do pay out in this situation.

    Thebear WANTED $8

    You should be ok they will just need to check with the card holder you are ok to use the account.not me personally but my mate has used his wife’s card on bet365 with no troubles for years just every now and again when he withdraws big amounts they email for prove. Guessing it’s all about what site u signed up to

    Anonymous WANTED $110

    just tell them what happen,they will ask for u bro doc also

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