Camtasia tip and slot suggestion for next video

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    sikaukko WANTED $5

    Cause im sat here rewatching your (bandit) latest videos, hoping to see a new one pop up, ive noticed you’re not using hotkeys for recording, causing things like not bringing back for reel king gambles. At least on camtasia, you can set up hotkeys on pretty much any key on the keyboard for recording/stopping/pausing – very easily from the tools of the recorder.


    Also lets see another bash on Reactoonz £40+ stake, would love to see you give it a whirl again. I played it a good chunk for the last week with great results, even not seeing the pinks hit once. And way before I’ve gotten the 1.5k x twice very swiftly on it, on different occasions, and left it there for nice profits on the game.

    Anyways would be nice to see the game bite you in the bollocks, or maybe it will be a stonking bonkers win this time?

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