Called it in lately ?

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    Mr B WANTED $395

    I once asked my mother to bring me some luck by asking her “go on mom, have a word”. Always reminded when Steve says “have a word” and ok this could be utter bs and if it sounds like it is, then it probably is right ? But 2 seconds later I won over £6,300 cashpot on Megapots last feature spin on the mini slot that lands on the reel and I truly have better things to do than disrespect my mom making crap up. True story though. As a result I often ask mom to “have a word” and sometimes it feels like she does. Other times it feels like maybe she is telling me to move along.

    I have been sat here with a friend and called in a specific bonus to get a how the fcuk did you do that? kind of stare. If only I could do it every time lmao.

    Superstitions ? Cry it in ? I reckon we all have that moment when we maybe launch into a tirade of abuse toward a slot and the bonus lands before we have finished lol

    eejit101 WANTED $141

    I hold up a picture of Just Basics, when i really want a slot to pay me, it doesnt want to upset him any more so it just throws in 1,000x.


    He is naked in it, but thats another story.

    Eightblack WANTED $283

    “come on! feature me up baby!” has been said the press before a feature before lol now I say it every other spin 😂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)