Buying a bonus that didnt work

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    Epicdaz WANTED $21

    Im interested in knowing if anybody else has had the same problem. I bought a bonus on white rabbit on metal casino. It would not load very laggy on thursday when they (go live). After clearing cache/cookies logging out back in it loaded but wasnt there. Talked to live chat next day and gotted fobbed off with 20 spins even after explaining history would prove the buy in. It was my last tenner thank god but still feeling done. Anyone else had this problem ?



    I had the same problem with extra chilli buy on BetVictor twice and they took ages to sort it out and then eventually came back to with them saying big time gaming had calculated the end win after the first one was 5spins in on 16spins. I already had multiplier up to 6x and win was around £4/£5 only 20p stake but they’ve ended up saying the end game paid £12.61. So in that predetermined what you win if they can calculate it bit wrong to be honest

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)