BREAKING: The Bandit is BACK November 22

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    borisfrost4 WANTED $2

    All our christmases have came at once!


    Firstly chipmunk slots has won responsible streamer of the year:


    And now the bandit is back


    thunderball6 WANTED $272

    What the fuck

    Chipmunkz won responsible streamer of the year ?

    What did hideous win best hair style.

    Smoothoperator WANTED $49

    So I’m not on twitter…but I’m guessing Eminem is coming back? Or ironically after I got home from work, my daughter was playing some Baby Shark game which also has the same rhythm as your tweet @bandit.., “”doo duh doo da da dah” some shit like that anyways😂. So it could be YOU?! If it’s Eminem I’m leaving!! And another thing Chipmonkz wins an award?? The fuck is that about? He must have created that award himself… and then gifted it to himself… credit where credit is due Chip 👏🏻. Now please fuck off!! Now then let’s put our hands together for the return of The Bandit, 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Avernite WANTED $23

    Get the flying fudge in there!

    Jimbo19911 WANTED $10

    Glad the bandits back and doing well, as for chip winning an award for most responsible gambler that must be a joke 🤣😂

    darrellburnett WANTED $9

    It’s like when you dont see a good friend for years, but when you see them it’s as if it was only yesterday! GTFIT Bandit, good to see you back mate!

    “Back in the zone” as you would say!

    Jimbo19911 WANTED $10

    How the hell did chip win responsible gambler 😂😂 who decided the awards Stevie wonder?

    Stormy WANTED $6

    Chip responsible gambler, snigger. Must be the messages after the affiliation message.

    Glad to see a new video which I enjoyed until Reel King segment at which stage stopped watching as lose lose lose boring boring boring…


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)