Breakdown of the Hot Streak (28/03/2020 – 15/04/2020)

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    TroubledSaint WANTED $1

    Loving your work, Bandit. Some truly amazing videos recently. What are yours (or others) go to slots for smallish stakes (around a quid) for decent bonus rounds with reasonable winnings compared to the stakes? I’ve been watching your videos and some of the slots are really messed up in the risk vs rewards stakes! Many thanks ?

    Steller WANTED $33

    Smokingbeagle wrote:

    Is anyone else thinking this winning streak turned into a losing streak hence no videos . Hope he hasn’t done his balls in wifey won’t like shopping at Lidl

    After that amazing run he had more huge losses than wins. Have no idea how things have gone with the offline sessions tho, but he did say he wasn’t doing any high stakes for a while. After saying that i hoped there would be more regular lower stakes vids but that’s not happened so i do wonder why.

    paulrr88 WANTED $1

    Hello bandit, hope you and the missus recover swiftly. Take care both of yoh ✌️❤️

    Ryan554 WANTED $2

    You videos have inspired me mate hope to see some new ones soon really enjoyed watching you win and when you lost I felt the pain to lol but nah I have loved these as I can lose loads my self and it does feel like a kick in the balls this has stopped me from doing the bank in lol litterally

    Boydon WANTED $1

    Your doing a lot better then I am mate ? stuck £50 on today as it’s my birthday lost it all in the space of 20 mins ???‍♂️

Viewing 5 posts - 106 through 110 (of 110 total)