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    Slotsoffun WANTED $9

    So I finally did it. That thing I should have done when it became available, signed up to Gamstop!

    It’s only been a week since I signed up after a losing session and not even a big losing session. It was late, I was shattered and had a couple tinnies on board but I just did it. I went straight back to a favourite casino (VIP status) where I’d just played and BAM, ‘some error dialogue’. Tried a few others where again I’m VIP and nothing but blockage.

    As an IT guy by trade this was impressive. I wasn’t impressed how Gamstop approved my registration by making me select an address from 13 years ago where I’d lived for 4 months – I thought credit searches only went back 6 years but oh well.

    Again as an IT guy by day Gamban wouldn’t work as I could get around it. No offence to Gamban as a product at all and I’ve nothing but respect to Bandit and others for sorting free/reduced licenses for folks. I just needed harder/out of my control restrictions or I’d, possibly, find a way around them.

    Also got work to change bank account and pay wages into the Wife’s account after opening up about stuff to her.

    Will this break lead me to never gamble again or will I end up with a small, controlled allowance for entertainment? I don’t know. But I honestly think if I’m honest and involve/trust my wife to manage my/our money, things will be a trillion times better than the feeling from years of hiding or lying about; why I’m up late, why haven’t I been paid, where’s that money gone etc…

    I want to right more but something is telling me not to. I hope this is enough to show I had a problem, I finally asked for help (probably to late) and that I/we have a plan going forward.

    Gamstop is the extreme. No gambling at legitimate casinos but some of us need that. Not deposit limits or a short timeout.

    That is all (for now)

    Haz40 WANTED $1,164

    Well done mate. I’m also on gamstop and have been 3 months. Sometimes I wish I could play and play sensibly but I can’t do anything in moderation. Give it a few weeks it won’t even bother you.

    Slotsoffun WANTED $9

    Cheers for the support.

    It’s actually been really easy. I simply can’t play at my registered/verified casinos. I only tried logging in shortly after to test Gamstop’s power/API.

    I’ve watched many streamers since, but knowing I simply can’t play has helped me open up about it and read many forums about people in similar situations, and even try to help. I’ve earned a good wage for a long time and could have so much more security/equity but I haven’t.

    Granted, I if I withdrew at the optimum moment maybe, but who could ever confirm that. I’m lucky that, by blocking myself from gambling and having all wages paid to my wife that things can be resolved.

    I still wonder if, at some point, if someone will contact my preferred casinos and ask how much I deposited over a set time and how much I withdrew. A Gaming or governing body for example, I know how much I deposited at some and it’s frightening. I don’t want sympothy but it’s scary.

    marko WANTED $8

    A word of warning.

    If you sign up for Gamstop or any type of self exclusion.

    Even if you manage to deposit and play.

    If you win theirs a strong likelihood the casino want pay and they dont have to.


    blacko1974 WANTED $247

    Thank you Thank you Thank you. Gamstop is the ultimate tool to help people stop for good should they feel the need to do so. Too much negative shit on how to work around it when the truth is that the casinos shall keep your winnings should you lie your way around the exclusion. Simple’s. .

    Good luck Brother

    Ezekiel2517 WANTED $15

    I must say it baffles the mind when people who are openly problem gamblers are allowed money by there spouses to gamble with, I’ll never understand that , we’ll done mate , onwards and upwards.

    Retroloser WANTED $21

    Well done will feel some much better haveing your cash build up in ur bank

    villanmike WANTED $24

    It may sound primitive of me and unmanly, but I let my wife decide what I can gamble. I play super low stakes and all for fun. £10 every 4 days and I look forward to it when the day arrives. £10 can last hours or 10 minutes. It most of the time lasts hours 😛

    It is possible to enjoy a dabble if you let someone else in and assist you, without my wife being stern I would of gambled far more.

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