Book of Dead…. is it really dead?

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    The Gnome WANTED $2

    So today I decided to have a blast on Book as to be honest , I really do like the game… however, does anyone else feel that actually getting the books to drop has become so damned hard of late? Went through 633 spins before they dropped in, and paid… Wait for it…. a massive 6x ….. yes that’s not a typo, 6 x my stake…. absolutely pissed off just doesn’t describe it…. Anyone else had su h a bad run? ??

    Gavster1989 WANTED $22

    I tried it today mate 400 spins and I didn’t get the feature. was only on 20p and cost me £65.luckly wasn’t a high stake. it seems like it’s been dead for ages with the odd rare good bonus.

    The Bandit WANTED $5,376
    El Bandito

    I really like the game but sometimes it is an utter twat to bonus, like hundreds and hundreds of spins and yeah, it’s never a positive experience!

    5im0nd1 WANTED $4

    I think it’s like any slot. Bonanza is my nemesis yet I played book of dead last week and I got a bonus at least every 20 spins. Hit massive on it (horse head dog face full screen at a fiver =£4500! Cashed out £100 deposit!) so there’s an example. Must have had 10 bonuses before I hit that? 10’s, Q’s, all paid decent on £2 for me to up my stake to a fiver and hit my big win. But as I was playing and it just kept hitting the bonus, I was thinking ‘maaaan! This is on fire!’ And when I put a grand through bonanza, I just knew it was no good! There is a feeling you can get and there are slots that have a bad past record, the problem is that as gamblers, we want to break that and crack that slot, unfortunately it’s a computer, not cooking the perfect Sunday roast, and it’s out of our hands. If you can’t hit on it, it’s best to just leave it and not bother, or you can end up doing your balance and then just cursing it again. Much love x

    ZildjianNL WANTED $11

    My strategy with Book of Dead is to just try a few spins, let’s say 50. If the books didn’t show by then I usually leave.

    Although in reply on your question if it’s dead, this was my last bonus on only €0,20 bet.
    Good luck!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)