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    awesomex WANTED $27

    I decided I’m gonna keep track of and post every single Bonanza session I have here going forward. I will be lowering my stakes to €0.2-€1 just to see if I can get more sessions in, and hopefully that monster hit will come at some point.
    As a rule, I will not cash out unless I’m over €1000, unless I get very sick of playing.

    Todays session:
    €30 start
    €0.2 stake:
    50 spins bonus, 34x
    420 spins bonus, 335x (balance €85)
    86 spins bonus, retrigger, 520x (balance €180)
    300 spins (856 spins total)
    €0.5 stake:
    210 spins bonus – 2x
    120 spins, bonus – 100x
    110 spins, bonus – 42x (balance €185)
    230 spins, bonus – 42x (balance €194)
    480 spins – 2006 spin total
    496 spins – bonus – 160x (balance €130)
    20 spins wager done (2522 spins total)
    500 (3022 spins total)
    350 spins bonus – 102x (€55 balance, 3372 spins total)
    197 spins RIP
    3569 spins total

    Session Summary:
    Total Spins: 3569
    Highest Spins For Bonus: 976
    Lowest Spins For Bonus: 50
    Average Spins Per Bonus: 397
    Bonuses: 9
    Highest Bonus: 520x
    Lowest Bonus: 2x
    Total Won In Bonuses: 1337x
    Average Per Bonus: 149x
    Highest Base Game Hit: 35x
    Stakes Played: £0.2, £0.5
    Best Stake: £0.2

    Best Bonus:

    bishman WANTED $32

    Interesting reading!  Should have stopped at £194 I guess but hindsight is a wonderful thing!

    nickuk911 WANTED $17

    Interesting, at the time when i was rowing Bonanza hard i decided to do the same thing, however after i reached 55 bonuuses and only 2 of them bypassed the 100x mark i got sick of it.

    Last night i had a 900x megeways roll in on Bonanza and as someone who has now spun well over 100,000 spins on it i can safely say i was shocked as I have never actually hit anything past about 180x in the base game ever before.

    burders WANTED $27

    Wow – that is some roll in. Bonanza is my favourite game – I had a 190x base game hit yesterday followed by 5 bonuses inside 300 spins- all really poor! What form did that roll in of yours take – Mine was 10’s!

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