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    Brickingit69 WANTED $4

    Soooo, can some one explain this pleas. i decided to try bonus Bonanza as i se some really good wins on youtube ect, i had a little win on other games nothing special so i used what i had to play bonanza, i done 1600 spins and NO bonus WTF? never in all my time has a game not bonus with in that many spins not even a dead bonus nothing so i though fuk mrgreen and even though i knew it would not make a difference were i was i went to a different casino deposited and played 800 spins on bonanza and nothing i could not understand so i went to yet a different casino and used the last of my cash and managed 400 spins on bonanza and still nothing, i feel sick why won’t it bonus that ain’t right !!!!!

    Anonymous WANTED $81

    I play Bonanza a lot, hundreds of thousands of spins if it’s been one. Some days it’s almost impossible to get a bonus. I remember playing dual Bonanza on different sites and it took like 5 hours to get a bonus, and I was playing 2 machines at once!

    Great game for wagering and signup bonuses though

    Lots of high variance machines have taken 2000 spins + for me to get a bonus. The lesson is to leave if it’s shit after 300 spins, like Bandit does (mostly). I’m probably more like you. The machine WILL be giving me a fucking bonus, no matter how long it takes lol. If you go on jammin jars, merkurs, novos, diamond mine (worse than bonanza) and a few others, yea, it’s gonna take 2000 spins + sometimes. The only time I ever gave up on getting a bonus was Diamond Mine, which took 1270x (£2500) with no bonus. I went back to it 5 times since, still no bonus. Must be £5K and who knows how many spins.

    Brickingit69 WANTED $4

    Wow that’s rough, playing dual as well. yeah diamond mine is similar but have managed to bonus that maybe 3 times first 2 payed maybe 20x but the third time was 500x but that was on 20p steak.

    i am tempted to go try play bonanza today but i don’t think i could face that lost again

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)