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    Michaels1996 WANTED $9

    How’s everyone going, just wanted to make a little thread about Blueprint games and when they crash. I’ve experienced it many times in the past as have most of us where you’ll be spinning along on Count Duckula and we get that little pop up saying ‘An error has occured, please reload the game’. But what happens when you’re mid way through a bonus or Duckula comes out with his wilds and it crashes? Well if you notice when you look at your balance, it will have added on the win from that particular bonus to your account balance. In my personal opinion it’s absolute bollocks, a win from a bonus should be random, be it an actual bonus or a pop out from the side. The fact your account balance refreshes and it credits your win before you’ve seen the feature, clearly tells you it’s predetermined when it comes to the majority of Blueprint games. It’s wrong as it just takes the fun out of the bonus/feature. What do people think about this particular matter?

    -Dist WANTED $23

    How have you missed the thread from like two days ago that explains in depth how blueprint games operate?

    The gamble on blueprint is random for example, but the bonus itself isn’t. And you’re deceiving yourself if you think blueprint is the only operator that does this.

    Dead giveaway for this is Videoslots. They’ve fixed it since I think, but for a long time they had this issue were their trophies for big win, Mega win etc would appear on the lower right corner before the feature had even ended, spoiling the result somewhat and this also confirms that the feature result was already known before it was over. Bandit can attest to this as he’d complained about it often in the past on his VS videos. And these pop-ups did NOT appear only for blueprint.

    Biohazard WANTED $675

    Hi Michael!

    You can find the thread that Dist mentioned here:

    Blueprint games: Predetermined Spin mods/Bonus / hidden bonus gamble percentages

    It had moved to page two so was a bit harder to find, but it discusses this topic in detail. 🙂

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