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    sidders WANTED $19

    Been studying blackjack lately and this “Basic Strategy” thing.

    Does this strategy actually work or was it drawn up by the casino to lead us all into a false economy “??

    Malkychamp WANTED $312

    Depends what you mean. Yes it works in that it is the best strategy and gives you the best chance of winning in all the different scenarios. It does not work in terms of always going to profit as the house always has that slight edge

    Mr B WANTED $395

    It would have been called out as fake a long time ago and the casino has nothing to gain really in giving it to you in that, you may shy away but you may also be lured in. Also where you would have stood before, you may not now. It’s an industry basic nowfor any seasoned played. I won’t mention card counting because we could end up banned from the whole universe of black jack tables. lol

    32red WANTED $7

    Learn it to the nth degree and don’t doubt the maths. I’ve played in the millions of hands of blackjack and it’s been ok for me. It’s can still be a ridiculously streaky game though.

    Dynamik23 WANTED $13

    Basic strategy means you lose less in the long run but you still lose. Blackjack is the only casino game where the house edge differs per box, one player can be playing a no bust strategy giving the casino a house edge of 13% while you can play basic strategy and only give the casino 0.6% house edge. You are more than welcome to use a basic strategy chart while at the table. The casino don’t care, as long as you are gambling they are making money. Simple as that.

    sidders WANTED $19

    Thanks for the replies peeps. I’d never heard of the no bust strategy so I decided to stress test alongside Basic Strategy.

    Using five decks for each and doing 100 hands No bust strategy came out 4 units up . Repeating the exercise another 7 times ( yes fully aware I need a life ) Basic Strategy was just over double profit of No Bust Strategy

    So looks like @32red is correct 👍🏻

    sidders WANTED $19

    @32red …………….Do you know anything about card counting and would this be any better than basic strategy ?

    Radar1974 WANTED $4

    I did gambling strategies for my final thesis for my maths degree and to sum it up simply, basic strategy simply lowers the casino edge, but you will be hampered by how many decks the casino use and other players. If you are trying to be at the best odds for yourself you need to play at an empty table with as few decks in use as possible.

    Not surprisingly the casino know this, so the fewer the decks they are using, the more the minimum bet is…

    in addition, remember online blackjack (the computerised versions, not the live dealer versions) ‘shuffle’ every turn which makes any kind of strategy pointless.

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