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    Gabberssmurf WANTED $4


    As a test i bought some mBTC; but after the bitcoin went down i tought ….. why not gamble it and try to get my mBTC up? 🙂

    So i did, transaction to the website went without any problems , played some games and requested a widrawl.

    My widrawl got rejected since i did not accept the email to confirm… but luckly the site staff helped me to get the job done.

    After 15 minutes i had my mBTC for bitstarz to my wallet without any problems (did this 2x on 2 diferent dates).

    Today however…. when i wanted to widrawl my mBTC it got denied becouse i did not wager it….?

    They say its standard procedure that u wager ur deposided money (x3 on slots x10 on table games).

    I played on different online casino’s, but never i had to wager the money i putted into the casino… (only if i accepted a bonus, then its normal that u have to wager it).

    Its realy weird that when i requested my first 2 widrawls they didn’t say anything about wager and i only spinned the slots a few time to test the speed of transactions ….

    Ofcourse i tried to get the job done but as u can guess ….. i failed.

    Does anyone else heard about this thing? wager ur deposided money ..


    Tjvm 🙂


    Malkychamp WANTED $278

    Yes certainly have come across this many times. Its to do with money laundering laws. Normally just 1x deposit that i have seen though.

    Gabberssmurf WANTED $4

    Thats what they said.

    Also u can’t see how much wager u did, so u have to ask it in the chat every time u wanna know it.

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