Big Time Gaming on BC Game.

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    Ant 75 WANTED $3

    Does anyone notice how different the btg games are in this casino?

    For starters, I’ve not seen any other casino offer bonus buys on DHV and Lil Devil. Then there is the missing White Rabbit retrigger clock and also no home button when opening the in-game menu.

    Anyone notice any other differences?

    Xbobmad WANTED $729

    It’s worth having a look on the big time gaming play server to see if those differences are because the games are more up to date?



    If I remember rightly DHV does have bonus buys. I’m not sure about lil devil on there though, interesting that the bonus buy is a heartstopper rather than standard bonus… Would make another heartstopper video much quicker and easier and cheaper 🤣

    Vinny123 WANTED $8

    Sometimes the Little Devil bonus buy is a heartstopper, sometimes not, seems to pick it at random

    Mintuk2019 WANTED $1

    There are different versions of the games that casinos have for starters.. the minimum bet size is different between some crypto casinos. Lil Devil bonus buy is like wild flower (i think thats the game) where it will randomly trigger either normal or super bonus.

    I think either its to do with licensing or maybe just offering what they think is best for their customers but as long as the RTP remains the same then I just think the bonus buy is worth the tradeoff



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)