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    JackTheBruton WANTED $5

    Hi All,

    Signed up to BC.GAME through Bandit and have reached VIP7 over time, just seen that as of today they have completely changed their terms and conditions, locked BCD Bonus can no longer be unlocked, ALL DEPOSITS are locked in to mandatory bonus and wagering! I feel completely scammed and not really sure what to do. I’m sure Bandit had no idea this was coming but im really shocked that over the course of 1 day they have completely changed the rules for the worse, it is now almost impossible to withdraw/win if you only make small punts at the slots!

    Seems like there is a current meltdown going on on the site so don’t think its just me. Anybody else had a similar issue?

    Take Care,


    Slot WANTED $40

    T/c is still the same regarding bonus, you need to wager $1000 to unlock $2 , I guess BC is only for big spenders

    Vinny123 WANTED $9

    Be a bit careful about  bc game, all the changes are  negative and might indicate that they have problems.

    I have 42k in locked bcd,have until 10th Oct to unlock it , without doing the calcs, it would take many  millions in wagering to achieve that,bit of a con as the deposit bonuses they gave are effectivily just being wiped clean,also the daily wheel (which for the last month has landed on 0.5 bcd every day,my vip rep insists it is still random but was evasive about it) is now only given on vip level up.Think coco has been scrapped and deposits now subject to wagering before withdrawal 1x but some players are saying its more.

    Bad Vibes about it all, going to have one last play today and cash out

    bigpeanutslots WANTED $1

    I would not worry,


    I wagered 300k, deposited about £12k overall, i’ve had £1700+ in withdrawable bonus’s from the site… i think they were just being too generous. The bonuses have been crazy, you even saw it on the bandits video where we had was it £9k in “free” money… where else on the planet is ever that generous.

    if you read the chat box downt the side, i think they also had a big problem with eastern/asian bots – farming the daily wheel spin. They had given out over £19.6m in bonuses last time i checked. Which was rising about 100-200k a day. It wasn’t sustainable. Their bonus system is still much more lucrative than anywhere else i’ve played, even with the new changes.


    I show this part way through the video i made partly on the subject here for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9exkM_pIfec

    ImperialDragon WANTED $68

    Is it possible to still play on BC but not accepting a bonus with wagering attached to it?  I have played on a few gambling sites over the years and I have never accepted a bonus, not even the welcome bonuses.  William Hill sometimes chucks £1 my way (pops up out of the blue while I’m playing on any slot) but there is no wagering attached to that, nor on the Video Slots weekend boosters.

    Slot WANTED $40

    New bonus offers are very bad 40x wagering and they only let you play on 10 games no one played on these games, The offer is very bad, even free spins win you need to wager 40x, I will stay away from BC for now, I had a good run on BC but same time I play on WInz Casino they only have a wheel with free wagering offer also not so great you get like free spins on 10cent, but BC is using a trick to go to bonus, when you take bonus you will lose 100%

    shame to see BC go so bad I had a very good run I cashout over $30k and I wager like $100k

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