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    Jamito WANTED $1

    Hi everyone, I’m a new member on here but have followed Bandit and others online for years, thought this forum would be a good place to ask this..

    Has anyone here been banned/blocked from a casino following a ‘break’. I used to play online with Coral and decided to have a break and use their ‘Timeout’ facility. After a month I emailed them and asked to stop the timeout as I wanted to continue. Following a brief email exchange and someone from their responsible gambling team ‘reviewing my account’ they decided they would close my account, give me a lifetime ban from all Coral, Ladbrookes and Gala casinos land based and online, and wouldn’t give me a reason or chance to appeal. I was shocked to say the least. Whilst at times I have gambled nearly everyday, it’s always been within my means and probably less than £2k deposited a month overall, before withdrawals are taken into account. My deposits have been consistant, and they never asked for proof of income or ID, which would have shown the money I gambled was well within my means.

    Has this happened to anyone before? I wouldn’t describe myself as a problem gambler and honestly thought I would use their ‘timeout’ system in as it seemed a good way to test myself and make sure I could do a month or more without gambling (which I’m happy to say I found quite easy) rather than just not log in for a bit!

    It just seems a bit unfair, and certainly would put me off ever using this facility if they just ban you afterwards!



    The Bandit WANTED $3,857
    El Bandito

    Yeah it seems pretty unfair but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was some sort of rule to follow up on and then for them to decide from your answers what to do and some of them just don’t really want to take any risk whatsoever, there have been some big fines around lately and they are all just trying to avoid that sort of thing you would imagine.

    Mr B WANTED $395

    Yea, you’ve triggered the “are you in gambling problems?” question, regardless of it being asked. Someone has to look at all the information and decide for you, if you are considered a risk. Many things can trigger it. You can do 1,000 spins on Capt Bob with zero payout and complain, to find your account blocked on the grounds of gambling addiction.

    The industry literally gets away with murder.

    Jamito WANTED $1

    Thanks for your answers guys. I agree, the industry does have “we do what we want” mentality, and in the same breath I also understand they have to preserve themselves and also have stats to show they are “helping” gambling addicts.. just annoying they judge you based on an email and your play history.

    Ultimately, I can take my business elsewhere and it’s their loss. My only concern is that as a giant of the industry if they buy other companies my name and “gambling problem” will follow me despite it being their unfounded opinion!


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