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    shouldersofbutter WANTED $12

    Hi guys. Not casino related at all but Im 31 and my lower back is fucking shot.

    Ive worked at a desk for 12 years and been gyming for 4 years. Im 5ft 7 and around 12 stone. Done some big lifts in my time, Im in pretty decent shape.

    Well. My back started aching around 2 years ago. Doctors ignored me and told me to keep doing what I do so I did. Then a year ago it got worse. Finally after an age I got an MRI which showed herniated discs and DDD (Degenerative disc disease). So basically my disc height is gradually decreasing and bone will start to rub. No cure, dont want an op and wasnt offered it anyway. Just constant chronic aching.

    Obviously sitting with shit posture for 10 hours then deadlifting 200kgs without warming up didnt help. I was a tit tbh. I still gym but focus on form more than ever. Screw lifting with ego.

    Just a heads up to nurse your backs guys. Take a walk. Stretch. Dont get lazy

    Anyone else back fucked? Mines L4/L5 and L5/S1. Be keen to hear others stories and remedies.


    Mr B WANTED $395

    I literally woke up and got up TWANNNNNNG my back went again. I’m in 4/10 constant pain knowing it will settle and disappear in a few days. However I just binged on a chocolate after a cup of tea and now I have trapped wind which is slowly finding it’s way out. I am not very fit at all after years of illness.

    Haz40 WANTED $1,034

    Might not be a comparison but missus had sciatica and I could only helplessly watch her be in excruciating pain. If it’s anything like that I feel for you pal.

    shouldersofbutter WANTED $12

    I had sciatica when the discs were herniated by I managed to sort that with physio. So glad Im over that as my legs would spasm all day. Working out helps and got my core strong. Just got to try and ignore the pain.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)