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    backofthenet WANTED $11

    I’m  not sure where or what bandits up to, fuck do I miss his videos. Anyways, I’ve started betting on slots again after 6 months away and I just got fucked and fisted from every angle on numerous sites. Pick of the bunch £1 spins, 570 spins, £500 loss. Wtf is going on, I’m about to retire from slots again. Am I unlucky or have they all gone to shit and is this why bandit disappeared – the prescient fucker

    Tappy80 WANTED $3

    Big bets are gone bonus buys are gone and the arse has been ripped out of the RTP wagering reqs are ridiculous with most bonuses offered so basically unless you are really lucky take slot games as fun. You will rarely beat the casinos and come out on top. It’s like fruit machines RTP from 78% up to 92% even the best machines will still take 8k in every 100k and yes they base the win/lose ratio to 100k the house always wins in the long run.

    Srx23 WANTED $22

    It’s been massively noticeable. I’m the same, been playing for years, and very regular; pretty much most days. Seemed to be tail end of last year there was a dramatic shift in the way they played. I’m no conspiracy theorist, but the change was too much to ignore and there are too many people here and on other forums saying the same. I got fed up depositing ton after ton and nothing to show for it. I went on Gamstop a month ago for six months, and am enjoying sticking more money than I usual do into savings.

    One thing I have found, as I just enjoying playing slots, head to the providers sites and just play the games for fun. It is amazing how different the slots play. I was a massive player of Reactoonz 2 (I know it’s not very well liked, but I hit more 1000x hits on this game than anything else) but the change in it was swift and brutal. So headed over to Playn’ Go’s website and just played it there. Was like a breath of fresh air! Wild’s always hitting, Big Head out regular, great base game hits….similarly for BTG, Relax & NLC. The bonuses are noticeably more frequent and noticeably more generous.

    I haven’t hit a 1000x win since December (6000+x on Cluster Tumble) and I played pretty much every day, and a good few hours a day. Since playing on the ‘free’ sites, I’ve had 6 1000x hits. Literally within two weeks.

    Try it yourself, be interesting to see how others get on! Once I’m back off Gamstop I might do some comparisons and put my findings here; £200 on Videoslots and the same on the provider websites. Appreciate there will no doubt be a void between the two RTP’s, but would be nice to see.

    Sl2005 WANTED $1

    Bandit probably won enough money he said he started a business up so sure he be up to that be nice to see if he doin good

    Smellslikearmpit WANTED $2

    Yep, same experience as SRX23, noticed the slots went bad a long time ago, it’s now regular to deposit 300-500x and not get a bonus, or not get a bonus for 45 minutes and lose in record time, my tinfoil hat guess is they seem to want to be like No Limit City slots, as I’ll lose, then maybe get 500-1000x (Not often), then start to lose in record time, no matter what I play, it got so predictable it just put me off slots and yep, it’s noticeable, like night and day, my mate describes playing now is like they play normal, but someone just removed all the bonuses.


    I didn’t have to Gamstop myself or close the accounts either, if I feel like depositing I immediately think, what would I play though as I get a sour feeling from all the slots I used to love, I suppose it’s as I remember going 100 spins to get 5-25x back on a regular (Or like Scruffy Duck double feature, about 50x or less now, 4 scatter Big Bass, 1 guy turns up in 15 spins, etc…).


    What upset me about it the most were the slots that you know can’t pay that act like this, Wild Wild West, best you can hope for is 50-100x in the bonus, but it’ll happily dead spin for days now, very cheeky, or the ones you’ve played for years, like Goonies, you know how they behave and it’s insulting to think people wouldn’t notice the massive difference, some money grabbing stuff going on at the moment, everywhere.


    You know the slots aren’t for you anymore when you find yourself voluntarily playing Starburst, that’s 1 step away from sitting in a rocking chair, combing my hair whilst repeating “I’m a good girl” (Imma bald bloke BTW), Starburst, the slot equivalent of ordering a nice takeaway just to eat the bag it arrives in…

    Stevemc21 WANTED $5

    It would be nice if bandit answered on his own forum

    UkCuppa WANTED $2

    I’ve semi posted about this and I personally have found a way to play and make it some what profitable ( few thousand maybe)


    We used video slots as our template as im an early day sign up. Anyhoo we all said we never fully use all the games ever. Plus with no auto it killed stuff. So we tried and have almost worked something out which cuts out the process of you choosing a slot.

    Expanding the set up to have multi windows and slots running. Sounds like the old days of just churning out games but there is no longer the need for 1000 spins for nothing and zero fun and or content.


    Plus seeing all the titles the site has to offer can only be a good thing. Plus it helps when you know what slot can actually do what or which company has a good track record. There are such sad folk like myself who has wasted years on all this ( anyone remember bandit trying to kill alien on 40p or 60p I forget lol )


    In terms of stake testing it’s gone from 10p upto £1 and its holding its own for now. A few thousand up over all but I’m still getting the good hits and getting plenty of what I call free shots at things like the 5 VS.

    I’ve actually tried to reach out to bandit about this last year but I got assulated by the police and put in hospital for 8 weeks lol


    Its not a big secret what I’m doing and will happily post in full once I am happy with what I’ve done and I have all the data for people.




    Gl to you all on the 5Vs

    ImperialDragon WANTED $50

    It so happens that May 2022 was my worst ever month for slotting, both online and land-based.

    However, I’m doing ok in June so far and I’ve had other good months this year and last, and also bad months.

    That’s slots for you though.  You win some and you lose some.

    Slot WANTED $12

    if I play on Videoslots Mr vegas yes of course slots are dead, not sure why I never win on these 2 casinos, Since I start playing on Bet365 Betway Pokerstars I am up

    Snobskill WANTED $1

    Hi folks snobs here the same and all the sites I’ve been playing now not winning much money at all gone 2 roulette to play an even playing at bingo lol



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