Are Casinos screwing over affiliates

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    Morning All

    I started watching many online streamers and video makers around 3 years ago. Bandit, Rolla, Hypa, Jimbo, Craig, Grapes and afew choice others were my go to guys for a good bit of entertainment and a laugh.

    There seems to be less frequent content out there now and I couldn’t help but think why?

    We all know casinos are greedy fuckers but have they crossed the line when it comes to affiliates? Affiliates apparently bring in up to 35% of a casinos players so are they biting the hand that feeds them with their “admin fees”, “operational fees” and the million other deductions they pass onto the affiliate? ( I know Bandit has done an in depth video on this ).

    I write this for purely selfish reasons: I wanna watch videos and streams by the guys I’ve always enjoyed but is it worth their while anymore? Is the market saturated with other streamers or are the casinos getting too greedy. Possibly a mixture of both. Maybe the money is no longer there to be made.

    Anyone else noticed the same?



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    I think they do get screwed in a way . They are reliant that u go through there link , but how many don’t but still sign up to that casino , maybe a few days later . That’s from my own experience , thought a few days later what was that casino such a body was playing at . Then just googled it and signed up

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    I’m not 100% sure and bandit will know better but I’m led to believe there are new rules that are either coming into effect or already have come into effect which adversely affects streamers and affiliates of casinos.

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