Anyone managed the 5 VS symbols for decent money?

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    Slot WANTED $11

    Stevemc21 wrote:

    When is bandit back streaming

    when Ukraine’s war ends he is back 😂

    Stevenoneill WANTED $1

    Think I seen nick post a clip there this week of a fucking insane win

    UkCuppa WANTED $2

    Its on my to do list , I think 40p will be my start. Not really played it much as had to change how I play now these new English laws are in.


    Which is crazy coz you can auto in the arcade and do insane £2 air bets 🤔  lol


    Finally worked out a way its fun for me to have a session and still get the opportunity to play for things like the 5 VS


    Plus I now use the entire video slots library of slot machines because of it. We’ve run it up from 10p starts up at £1 starts and keepping a positive result.


    I know its not massive but my heart would pop on bandits wins and loses lol


    Hope your all well and winning 👍

    Armageddon65 WANTED $4

    seems like Bandit is gone ,forever 🙁 🙁   Miss him so much !!!


    Hope you are fine Mr Bandit !!!


    Jumpsy74 WANTED $2

    I actually dislike this game a lot I’ve only played it at 40p stakes but it’s constantly as “flat as a witches tit” it’s just spin after spin for f’ck all, can easily put 300 spins through it for next to no wins, I know they are all random but I think this is a 50 spin max hope for a bit of luck then walk away and leave it for another day but that’s just my opinion I’ve seen good hits on casinogrounds etc but they must have to put a monster amount through for it

    Nateuk WANTED $2

    are we ever going to get an upload again? Even to Power Up… was enjoying both sides of uploads, genuinely funny, not even bothered about specific content

    Malkychamp WANTED $480


    Long overdue

    Xbobmad WANTED $704

    Malkychamp wrote:


    Long overdue

    Nice one! Don’t give it them back matey 👍

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)