Anyone have a Fruit Machine in their house?

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    The Bandit WANTED $5,376
    El Bandito

    What you got?


    I only have one in at the moment, i am usually working on a few but you know me, lazy fucker aren’t i lol


    Mine is a Batman machine, i bought it on release to have a look around as i usually do tbh – it is a fun game for sure.

    Anonymous WANTED $55

    I did have 5,  but Stopped playing them,  and the wife pursuaded me to sell them to make room.   I had a rainbow rich’s, crystal maze (wish I had kept it).  A snooker one, forgot what it’s called,  snakes and ladders, really old.  And an old cops and robbers.

    Got a much bigger house now,  feel the urge to buy some more.  I quite fancy a mechanical one armed bandit.

    The Bandit WANTED $5,376
    El Bandito

    Crystal Maze, what an awesome machine that one is. I bet the likes of that would be mega hard to find these days to buy!

    Scrooge WANTED $5

    I had ! a mechanical bellfruit one armed bandit (Yes it was called a Bellfruit), it was helkl making iut work again, had to clean ALL 78 relais and fix the 3 random turn engines (Yes the where turning motors (If thats the good translation).

    Bought it for about 100 euros sold it for about 1500.

    It was always cool to “win” the jackpot, lots of bells going of and lots of lights flashing hahahah neighbours hated it.

    I dislike the modern fruit machines, just a screen and a linux box with a game on it, its shitty you cant hear the click-die-click and ticker-die-tack when its going to HOT mode 🙂

    Fishsta WANTED $5


    Got a Big Bucks and a Club Ooh Aah Dracula… and a homemade arcade cabinet.

    ImperialDragon WANTED $69

    Not me personally, but I know a friend who got a £70 Big Deal.  It’s similar to the Crazy Chair in that it has the matrix of 12 boxes which can turn red.  Then the board game is a bit different as it has inner and outer boards and you land on arrows to go inside by 1 layer or go out by 1 layer.  He knows his way around electronics and DIY and has looked after his machine really well.  Plus, he has flashed the firmwares so that the coin mech can take the new £1 coin and the plastic notes.

    vectra666 WANTED $3

    I have a reflex jackpot jewels although not upgraded to new coins etc, I hope to one day turn it into a emulation machine as that’s what I’m In to so I can play 1000,s of machine one one bandit.

    I also make the emulations so if anyone’s got machines that aren’t currently emulated or can be emulated I,lo be interested in photos etc.

    andywilliams1187 WANTED $398

    I used to have the old Casino Crazy and Monopoly 60 machines in my house had to sell them when I moved. Gutted I loved both of them and found it a decent way to save money as the Mrs had the keys for the cash boxes.

    rickzorrr WANTED $5

    i have had quite a few machines over the years the only one i have left is a £25 jackpot Monty Pythons flying circus. i absolutely love this machine and i want the holy grail too just to match.

    Bigbaws WANTED $0

    I had a snakes and ladders 200 quid jackpot club machine about 18 years ago but being 15 years old I could never afford to fill the tubes so it was always on freeplay

    Ron101 WANTED $19

    Ive got a manic muncher. But havent had it updated to take new pound coins. Just use it as a money box really

    Eightblack WANTED $446

    Whaaatttt you guys houses sound awesome! How much do machines cost? Im gonna look at turning the corner of my bedsit into a little slotty arcade ? I really like the deal or no deal fruitys lol

    Malkychamp WANTED $486

    Always an idea that went through my head to actually purchase my favourite bandit (pac-man) only thing that put me off was the maintenance. Buttons sticking and lights going out seemed to be quite common. With me bashing my big head off it when it nailed me it wouldn’t last long haha. One day though…. one day

    Biohazard WANTED $675

    I was bought one by my friends a couple of Christmas’s ago. Can’t remember what it was, as it broke almost instantly and had to sell it for parts ?

    Kingpab WANTED $149

    Got a deal or no deal in the garage. Helps when I feel like a gamble but don’t want to lose any money. Pop on that for a bit and it squashes the urge

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