Anyone got any ideas on a giveaway?

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    1pstaker WANTED $24

    Maybe difficult but how about. All forum members go on wheel.every time u play a slot u pick a random member. If through say 100 spins you beat your previous highest winfor that slot the selected member gets a small percentage. At least you will only be paying out after a big win and everyone will always be in with a chance no matter what u playing. You could start each slot at say 500x as the current record.


    Biohazard WANTED $519

    I really loved watching the White Rabbit World Cup, would be great if you could run this again one day. Could also do a Sensible Soccer version for added comedy!

    Something that could be really engaging for your viewers and forum members (stolen the idea from bad beat jackpots in poker!)…

    – You could contribute, let’s say, 5% per deposit/reload that you make (so £50 on a £1,000 deposit) to a pot
    – This pot grows every time you make a deposit
    – At the end of each video, you could pick a random slot that has a bonus (make a wheel or something, or if you’re feeling lazy) or you could use the same slot for consistency for the next step (e.g. White Rabbit, easy feature buy)
    – You also pick a random forum member to participate in this draw
    – Depending on the current pot size, this would determine the multiplier that you need to achieve on the bonus to unlock the jackpot for the member (e.g. >£50 – 2000x, >£150 – 1000x, >£250 – 500x, >£500 – 250x etc.)
    – If the required multiplier is achieved (e.g. the current pot is £550 and you hit 280x on the bonus) then the player would receive that pot (£550, not the bonus winnings themselves)

    Alternatively you could do a similar system, but the player wins the bonus winnings and not the pot, but obviously the format would have to change slightly from what I have described.

    neoo WANTED $2

    “bandit tournament” on “videoslots/energy” 300 spins on something like monetzuma? – the player with the LOWEST amount of points is a winner

    P.s any video today maybe ? – can not win a damn thing in weeks so at least would be nice to see you continue the streak and win some more:)


    BSK1 WANTED $16

    Bee swarm, lucky dip for a number and whatever amount it takes to get the swarm, if it’s your number you get the profit from the bonus… if there is a profit lol

    ( i e the number of bees that it takes)

    Lionheart WANTED $2

    How about:

    everyone says how much they think you will win / lose on a video in the future from a set stake.

    The winner gets to use that exact amount ether it is won or lost (this way you can kinda control the amount “if lost”)

    so for example

    2k starting balance on sundays video.

    if by the end of it you are in profit by £750 the winner gets to stake £750 on a game of their choice with a set of instructions / maximum win / loss point (they will need to specify) if it was me I’d say 75 on 10 single numbers on the roulette and I’d tell you those numbers…. but someone else could say. £10 stake in secret of the stones, if bonus numbers 4 5 and 10… if balance goes over 1k collect.


    I dunno something to that effect… suppose you’d just need to have a quick email conversation with them but that way they will be engrossed in the video and be a bit of fun for them rather than just a gift.


    Ya never know you may even hit big like a 5k win and they May Day put 5k on black lmao would be awesome watching


    leave it to you my friend


    Rob Luck WANTED $2

    MR Bandit (the gambling fans fav) Why not pick a slot any slot have 100 spins at a stake of your choice all predict how much you get back in pounds and pence and show all 100 spins.

    Gillxx WANTED $3

    Hi steve its gill. Just played diamond mine for 1st time. Got bonus and it paid 1016 off 1 quid spin. Got 4 golds and 2 5s for 22 spins and it gave me loads of barrels and exploded on diamonds on 22x multipler. Never had a 1000x b4. I posted it on big wins 😁Hope your ok xx

    Tjene WANTED $2

    You could always just grab a person signed up into one of your draws with and give that person 10,20,50% of the next bonus or something

    mrbonus WANTED $9

    how about some stupid stuff (you can get all this on amazon) like a goody bag with

    1: a Licki Cat Hair Brush

    2: How not to be a dick (most of us need this if we are honest)

    3: and a giant hip flask for that awkward moment after your tilt  when you realise that trying to be Mr big bawls  and giving lucky lady charms a bash at 40 quid a spin wasn’t such a good idea after all!

    The Bandit WANTED $4,062
    El Bandito

    Lmao the giant hip flask!



    Some good ideas here, i do like the sound of a Swarm giveaway but i would have to get one that didn’t cost me the moon and stars lmao! Perhaps a “Guess the Bee” that it was to trigger on and those with the correct Bee number share the prize, I think similar was said!

    The Bandit WANTED $4,062
    El Bandito

    Gillxx wrote:

    Hi steve its gill. Just played diamond mine for 1st time. Got bonus and it paid 1016 off 1 quid spin. Got 4 golds and 2 5s for 22 spins and it gave me loads of barrels and exploded on diamonds on 22x multipler. Never had a 1000x b4. I posted it on big wins 😁Hope your ok xx

    Hi gill, great to see you over on here! That sounds like a mental bonus, i will have to go look at the picture! I hope you got it withdrawn 😀 Bloody barrels and it gave you diamonds, i always get fucking 10’s when there isn’t a 10 at the bloody front lol

    Jablinator WANTED $2

    I think a slot championship might be fun – so you would have different legs – in the first people pick a slot and whichever has the highest return from say 100 spins (or 200), the group who picked it would advance to the next round – then there is a different set of slots to pick from and the highest returner goes through again – then a giveaway after a few legs? – maybe a Big time gaming play off at the end! Bonanza vs DHV vs Queen of riches vs white rabbit vs Extra chilli vs temple quest (pfft as if) vs donuts?

    Chdl1990 WANTED $42

    Hello all,

    Had an idea on a prize giveaway, based on the fact the white rabbit World Cup was so well received why not use the same format but with some adjustments for an Extra Chilli Champions Cup.

    Use the same format of 16 teams in a knock out style tournament, each team has 3/5/7 players, odd number essential for later.

    Then open a forum thread for each round where each team member must opt for a number of spins they would like you to aim for on their teams bonus buy.

    e.g Team 1 – 3 players vote 16 spins, 2 players vote 12 spins, so you go for 16 spins, if you get the 16 the bonus total then becomes their score, if it loses they get a zero score. Could add extra interest for those trying to play tactical and guarantee a score or those taking the risk going for a big score.

    Pogress this format until one eventual winner same as the white Rabbit World Cup.

    As for the main prize, you could either give away the amount of the top scoring bonus throughout the competition or a guaranteed 16/20/24 spin bonus at whatever stake won’t financially ruin you to achieve.

    Hope people understand what i’m going for here, was much easier in my head than to type out 😂


    tiderium WANTED $1

    My idea for a giveaway is this.

    1: to decide what game will be used from the casino in use so for example number 32 comes up and that is tied to book of the dead.

    2: then picks the 20 players.

    3: £100 starting point per player.

    4:player with the highest win from £100 goes onto the final which is £1000 game of his or her choosing at minimum £4 per spin.

    Mrbeefy1981 WANTED $1

    How about a weekend with the bandit, pay for a hotel and go to a footie game then a night in a casino. Obviously limits set maybe stick an acca on in the morning and stack of chips for the casino.

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