Any regrets?

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    Mickeyvondickey WANTED $181

    Hi Steve.
    Long time follower and really enjoy all your vids.
    After following your channel from close to the beginning, i know you’ve done many good things for your local community, such as donating a de-fib and setting up a gofundme page in your sons name for improvements in a local park.
    On the flip side, do you have any regrets, missed opportunities or just a mega fuck up that sticks in your throat (we all make them, lol) in relation to the channel or your gambling past?
    Basically, would you have done anything differently?
    Cheers pal.

    The Bandit WANTED $5,362
    El Bandito

    Nah not really mate, only thing would be not moving up to the likes of £1.50/£1.80/£2 stakes quick enough – got myself almost £24,000 down at the beginning of the original channel in 3 months playing on 60p, i found that you never really got a decent hit, well i didn’t anyway. One day i ramped it up to £1.80 and then i hit that monster on Game of Thrones, £3,726 i think it was. Didn’t really look back from there.


    A lot is always made about the starting point of 60p, i’ve only raised because of affiliation if you ask some people, truth of it is i’ve got just as much money now as i had back then, it was a case of learning what my audience wanted (60p was everyones norm when i first started, streamers i mean) and indeed how any game worked outside of Raging Rhino and Bruce Lee which back then were all i had really ever played, if you concentrated on the early videos where the stake was small, you would also notice that i never swore either. One day i just thought fuck this, i’m being totally me and then came the cursing which i just do whilst i play. Turns out it was much more popular than the non sweary me and there is pretty much how you find me these days.


    It’s difficult to regret anything from my gambling past, even though i used to lose everything all the time, by doing exactly that led me to learning various techniques in various gambling areas that now form a large part of my living so in my case it has all happened for a reason.




    Mickeyvondickey WANTED $181

    Fair play to you mate, and good luck with the bricks and mortar! I live in mid-Wales and can’t get much more than a garden shed for anything less than 200k.
    On a side note, keep your head down when you’re putting. I saw that video of you in the pissing rain! I bet the 19th couldn’t have come quick enough!!!
    Take it easy bud and thanks for the free entertainment, much appreciated.

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