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    DylanOleary96 WANTED $1

    I normally gamble £50 here and there and I am fine. I recently lost control and no idea what i was thinking. I deposited £500 then another £1500 I was on a mad loss chase. It just kept eating it and not giving me no big win i was only on £1 stake.  I feel sick and I’m now excluded. I just cant get over it looking at my bank. My partner has no idea yet. Feel such an addict when i’m usually very smart minded. I did however enter all the prize draws this month so hopefully i get something back.

    Winningbird WANTED $492

    Have you signed up to gamstop? I know you said you excluded, but that can just mean from one site. Make sure you tell your partner, it will feel a lot easier on your mind after. Hope you’re okay

    DylanOleary96 WANTED $1

    I just feel robbed and stupid. I never expected it to eat so much money and give me nothing back. Its not much to most people but it was everything i had. It could of went on a holiday or something. But instead i blew it selfishly. I am now on gamstop but my bank is a mess.

    argyl53 WANTED $387

    Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, pawned the t-shirt for gambling money, lost that too.

    All I can say to you mate is this; finances will recover in time and you’d be surprised how quickly when you’re not gambling. Get on Gamstop today, it’ll take five minutes and in a couple of weeks, you’ll emotionally be over the loss. The sick feeling looking at your bank balance, the anger, the urge to gamble more to try and get that money back, it will fade and you’ll get your peace of mind.

    giannix WANTED $7

    Get over the financial lose but remember how you feel about yourself right now. Those money won’t come back through gambling or events (probably). Think it could’ve been worse so stop being stupid right now, before it’s too late. What’s done is done, shit happens, forget about it, focus on other things!

    Be well!

    Seyahkram1977 WANTED $163

    gambling wont fix this , Gambling will only make the hole bigger. Everybody wishes you well and to be happy …..but only you can take the right steps …. make sure you do it, do it for you and the family around you  because these holes can get very very deep …try not to beat your self up to badly , everybody gets their “ one mistake “

    argyl is spot on, it’ll fade quick enough … best of luck

    Royalblue57 WANTED $3

    Feel you. It’s not a good place. One arm bandit fever can strike at any time and anyone.  Gambling works on the principle of intermittent reenforcement and it one of the most addictive things known to man and once you start chasing loses it is a very slippery slope. The thinking is that it must pay soon because of what you have lost. The logic is plausible but when it comes to gambling very flawed. Bandit has taken some big losses on his videos and fair play to him for posting them. Just because you deposit big does entitle you to anything.  Very quickly it can turn from playing to win, to playing to win back.
    Fess up to what has happened. Confession is good for the soul. No one will make you feel worse about this than you will yourself. Exclude yourself from every site and use your anger towards yourself to make you do it. Give yourself time. The bad feelings will pass. It’s money you have lost not someone you love and can be replaced. Seriously consider giving up gambling completely if you can. If this happens again seek some professional help.

    I like to gamble but I have three rules.

    I. I never, but never gamble beyond a set amount (in my case £100 and rarely that) in a week and if I lose it I can afford it. I expect overall to lose and see it as entertainment and not about making money.

    2. If I win a decent amount I stop and take the money.

    3. I never chase it if I lose.

    I learnt these lessons the hard way.

    Don’t be too hard on myself but don’t in time let complacency creep in and promise yourself you will never allow yourself get into a situation were you feel like this again. I am sure you are a good person who has acted foolishly like all of us do at times. The money is got but you still have a future and hopefully people that care about you. Focus on them. Good luck.


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